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22 hours till sociofemme hits the burg!

you know, most people eat cookies or ice cream or chips as a late night snack. I'm eating cold hambuger helper. On purpose.

Ellen's here tomorrow *bounces* and we see PoA tomorrow night really late with the other employees because i work at the theater *bounces* and then Friday night is sorted finally to see caitlyn and elijah and colin *BOUNCES* and then saturday with IMAX and marks *BOUNCESBOUNCESBOUNCES*

i was hoping the first draft of my MWPPFQF fic would be done before 'Femme got here, but i'm not really seeing it. it's a lot closer than it was thanks to musesfool, who was really sweet to take a look at it even though my Word sucks. We'll miss her bunches on saturday, but she'll be there in spirit thanks to the shirt i'm making, on which her quote will live.

although, thanks to the ridiculous cute of the latest River House Story, I'm this close to switching at the last second to a picture of a snake that says "want to see my hole?" I heart Sam. soso much.

behind me, the news just announced that there is an escaped serial burglar loose in lancaster. publicity stunt for opening night gone awry?
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