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Have a list

The amount of things I need to do today are exactly equal to the amount of DNW I have for doing any of it. Here is a list so maybe i will be shamed into accomplishing something.

1. ALL THE LAUNDRY. I'm wearing the last pair of underwear right now.
2. Mail the blanket.
3. Take another batch of stuff to the 2nd hand place.
4. make half a bushel of tomatoes' worth of sauce.
5. clip the last dozen magazines sitting on my floor. Honestly I should keep going and do up through 2009 or something and maybe free up another shelf, but idk.

Things that 300% will not happen:

6. go into school. I keep saying I might, and I should. but next week will be miserable anyway so why. I'm super weak at classroom setup every year, this won't be any different.
7. Actually look in the laundry room storage thing that is full of I'm not sure exactly what.

Okay here I go. Maybe.

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