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It's my last night of summer D: actually there's some argument about that because students don't start yet, so it's no different than summer training days really. But I've been uselessly panicky all day, so I guess it's over. I forgot I had a meeting tonight too, which made me feel even worse. It wasn't the most important thing ever, it's fine, but I hate feeling stupid.

This morning I had my last check-in/blood draw for the stress study I've been in for 16 weeks. It was interesting and I got to take a nutrition class for free, and they paid me some nominal amount for it, plus they did some bloodwork for free which were things that my dr's office has never had reason to do and I'm sure my insurance wouldn't pay for, so that was a side benefit. I'm mildly relieved it's done though, just because it was one more thing all the time and also drawing blood from me is always a struggle. This time they couldn't get it out of either elbow or hand, so they had to draw it from my wrist, and I do not recommend that.

I signed up for JE Holiday and JE Trick or Fic, so should be an exciting fall between that, NaNo, and girlfriend timez during Oct and Thanksgiving. The one thing I am looking forward to really hard about school is how much faster school weeks go (I think it has to do with how regimented my time is there).

Since I'm unlikely to post again before it, Friday is my 5 month anniversary ♥ I keep wondering what that would be in regular people time, where you only see each other maybe once a week until IMA LIVE WITH YOU stage. It's obviously totally different, but I think about it because another lady at school is kind of on the same timeline as me. Next anniversary will only be a week+ until we see each other again, so we're past the halfway point on waiting time, I'm glad to say. as much as I love the internet for making any of this possible, I'm ready for it to just get out of my way already. grabby haaaaaands.

I made plum pie and it was as easy as advertized and super tasty. And 50 tomatoes' worth of tomato sauce, which was just okay, but the meatballs I made to go with it were awesome.

Tried out nail tape for the first time. It looks really nice (aside from a peeling issue around the edges, which is manageable), but it was kind of fiddly so it's not something i'd like to do a super complicated design for.

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