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Random Check-in

First week of school completed! most schools around us don't start with a full 5-day week (either they started mid-week or have the Friday off for the long weekend or whatever), and Friday morning both the staff and the students were wearing identical expressions of "if we all quit they have to cancel school right?"

But in my world it went pretty fast because my days are back to back action this year, and fingers crossed it'll stay that way. I would label this one of my most successful school starts, except for the euthanasia in the middle there. Which, as an aside, I'm starting to feel more myself but I still cry basically every time I have to tell the story. Honestly even driving over to the house makes me tear up a little. I know it'll wear off, but it's not easy right now. At least we moved the guinea pigs back to my apt yesterday, so I can sleep in my own bed again.

Went to lunch early today with high school friends, including the friend whose Big Gay Wedding I attended last year in Boston. I wish I got to see him more. Maybe in spring sometime girlfriend and I can go up and visit them in their fancy house that they bought with all of his lawyer money XD Actually, it's been so long since I talked to him that I got to tell him the whole girlfriend story. His response to her picture (like many of my RL friends) was "How did you trick her?" and as usual I was like, i don't really know! Somehow I did!

I'm excited to get my hols assignment sometime today, because a lot of the sign-ups looked interesting. Also fannishly I skype-watched the 2013 SexyZone concert with the girlfriend Friday night. It was okay? I do really like some of their songs, and the solos were good, but I feel like as a group they don't quite know how to entertain you for 2 hours. There was just way too much on the carts waving, so I bored for lengths of it (plus exhausted from school, so my attention span wasn't amazing). the glory of skype-watching is that I can just watch the girlfriend instead, though.

Downloading Gokusen 3 at the moment which I've never watched, or any Gokusen actually, but I'm willing to try anything that includes Takaki, Akito, and Miura Hamura. Also later I plan on making ham and bean soup. EXCITING.

Hope everybody else who gets a 3-day weekend is enjoying it. I need to spend a significant portion of mine finishing my nephew's birthday blanket or I will be put back on the banned list. Assuming that I ever was off the banned list, since I haven't sat next to him at a restaurant in about three years.

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