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Fic, Hey! Say! JUMP, Hands Up (Put Your Hands on Me)

Title: Hands Up (Put Your Hands on Me) [Yabu/Takaki]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Yabu does that thing with his hips too much.
AN: Just something quick for no reason, other than we watched ep 1 of Gokusen 3 and Takaki is so gay is seriously a little wth even for JE.

Hands Up (Put Your Hands on Me)

The best thing about Yokohama Arena was that it was big enough to have places to sneak off to under the stage (some of those tiny venues were impossible) but not so big that you had a chance of actually losing the person you were trying to sneak off with (unlike Tokyo Dome, where if you didn't plan your rendezvous carefully enough you might not end up with the partner you'd planned on).

So Yabu wasn't opposed when Takaki grabbed his wrist as soon as they started practicing Yamada's solo and dragged him through one of the set doors, down into the scaffolding under the stage. Neither one of them said anything until they were in a far corner, stage supports blocking enough of the light that they could just barely make out each other's faces.

"Yeah?" Yabu asked when Takaki didn't immediately say anything. "Not that I mind being dragged off by you, Yuyan. Not when you're all dolled up like this for rehearsal."

Takaki glanced down at his worn Queen of Pirates tour T-shirt and zebra-stripe sweatpants, then raised his eyebrow. Yabu just grinned back at him.

"Rowr," Yabu added.

"You shouldn't do that thing with your hips so much," Takaki said.

"What thing?" Yabu asked, tilting his head.

"You know what thing." Takaki stepped in closer and put his hands on Yabu's hips to demonstrate. "With your guitar?"

"This thing?" Yabu rolled his hips side to side, like he had a habit of doing during JUMP band segments, and if Takaki happened to be close enough for Yabu to feel that he was interested, that was just fine with Yabu.

"That's the one," Takaki murmured, leaning into it harder, pressing Yabu back against the metal of the scaffolding.

"Okay, I'll stop," Yabu said, doing exactly that, and had to fight to keep from laughing out loud when Takaki growled.

"You're the biggest brat out of all of them," Takaki informed him, his voice low enough to make goosebumps roll up Yabu's arms. He kissed Yabu rather than argue further, hands still on Yabu's hips, encouraging him to pick up where he'd left off a second ago.

Yabu closed his eyes and relaxed into the kiss, letting Takaki take control. He was happy enough to wrap arms around Takaki's neck and just enjoy the press of Takaki's weight against him, Takaki getting harder against him, hard enough for Yabu to feel it easily through their sweats.

He wasn't at all surprised when Takaki reached between them to shove their sweats down just enough to rub against each other directly, curling his hand as far around both of their cocks as he could. Takaki wasn't the most patient member, after all.

"No rush," Yabu murmured, his own voice a lot lower now that Takaki's fingers were hot against his skin. "Yama-chan'll make them run that thing three times at least." The thump of the bass was coming right through the floor above them, and both of them were already moving in time with it.

"You've been teasing all practice," Takaki accused, thumbing at Yabu's tip. Yabu huffed a breathless laugh because he hadn't been doing that at all honestly, just regular practicing, but sometimes it didn't take that much with Takaki.

It was hot under the stage, both of them already sweating from dancing, so their skin slid together easily. Takaki felt good against Yabu, their symmetry easy from years of practice. It didn't take long for the pressure to start building in Yabu's belly, Takaki's fingers stroking him close to the edge, Takaki's mouth hot and wet against Yabu's neck.

"Lemme hear you," Takaki asked, lips sliding up to Yabu's ear.

"You'll get us caught," Yabu tried to scold, but he couldn't swallow all of his moan when Takaki used the tip of his tongue to trace the shell of Yabu's ear. He did it again, the flick of his tongue and his breath against Yabu's skin dragging more noises out of Yabu.

"So close," Takaki groaned softly, the snap of his hips getting a little more desperate, but still in time with Yamada's solo. "Can you beat me?"

"We aren't competing," Yabu answered, in no particular rush like he'd said. Takaki apparently didn't share his lack of urgency; a minute later he groaned softly in Yabu's ear and came in a hot rush over his hand and Yabu's stomach.

Besides, after Yabu gave him a minute to recover, this way he could use his arms around Takaki's neck to push him down to his knees.

"Please?" Yabu asked sweetly when Takaki didn't get to work immediately. "You started it."

"Fair," Takaki sighed, like it was a chore, but he wasn't fooling anybody. A second later he was licking his own release off Yabu's skin happily enough, before he slid his mouth down over Yabu's cock properly.

"Yeah, like that," Yabu agreed, getting his hands into Takaki's hair. Takaki looked best like this, Yabu always thought, his pouty lips wrapped around Yabu's cock, the fluff of his hair tangled around Yabu's fingers. Yabu gave a little yank, and knew that Takaki's eyes had gone dark even though there wasn't enough light to really see it.

Lazy and compliant from orgasm, Takaki let Yabu push and pull him however he liked, sucking hard when Yabu pushed in deep and licking at Yabu's head when Yabu pulled back. He was just as good at it as he looked doing it, and Yabu almost was sorry when he felt his balls start to tighten, close to release.

"Coming," he warned, not that Takaki bothered to move. His orgasm swept over him in a hot rush, shoulders pressed tight against the scaffolding to keep his balance, Takaki's tongue licking him clean. "Mmmm."

"Yeah, I know I'm great," Takaki said, struggling to stand and wobbling for a second before he got his balance. Yabu tugged him close enough to kiss by the T-shirt, skin still buzzing as he rubbed against Takaki and all but purred. "So like I said," Takaki said when he pulled back for air. "The thing. You do it too much."

"Yeah, I do." Yabu grinned lazily. "It just drives those fangirls crazy. Wonder why?"

"I wonder," Takaki said dryly, before he crushed their mouths back together.

Later on, after they'd struggled back out on stage, Yamada asked them for feedback and pouted when it was obvious they hadn't been watching.

"Relax, it's fine," Takaki brushed off Yamada's complaints, stretching his arms over his head so that his T-shirt rode up. "It's a good song."

"Yeah, it's got a great beat," Yabu added with a leer, which made Takaki burst out laughing. Yamada rolled his eyes in disgust and wished out loud that they'd get lost next time JUMP played at Dome.

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