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ethernet!! *clings*

well, we saw it.

Let me preface all of this by saying that me seeing movies at 1 AM almost never means i like it as much as i will during the light of day. but that being said...

This is not my favorite movie of the three. I felt so rushed the entire time. like it was just Bam! bam! bam! one plot point right to the next without anything in between, and then it was so end heavy. I realize that there was a lot of plot they had to squeeze in here, and i respect the changes they made to do it, they did a good job for what they did. I didn't even mind the firebolt. and i LOVED the running gag of ron going "AHH! Hermione, where'd you COME from?!"

but i think they should've sucked it up and either done a longer movie or...i don't really know or what, but if you hadn't read the book, look, some stuff just didn't work.

like harry taking rambling walks in the woods with his professor? uh, what? the complete lack of explanation that Remus was Moony? I think we could've dispensed with the frog choir and used that minute for useful exposition. or you know, anything.

Don't get me wrong, i liked it, i liked it a lot and i'll like it more after I've seen it a few times for sure. Oldman and Thewlis didn't even bother me really (thank heaven for trailors so i had warning). Thewlis was gay. so gay. "people like me"? hahaha. (Victoria, i didn't think about the closets on my own, but HAHAHAHAHA for that as well)

in fact a lot of people were very gay. Draco. a lot. POOOOOOF. Sending little notes to harry? DOODLING harry? oh honey. It's a wonder he didn't pop out of that closet rather than the boggart. somebody needs to iconicize doodle!harry very badly. He was a bit of a crybaby though, which he has never been in the other movies. I didn't like that.

i liked the boggart scene a lot, and that's exactly what's missing from this movie, we only really ever saw one vignette from a few different classes. It looked like Harry didn't even TAKE potions this year. Why have Emma Thompson do this great Trelawny if she's going to be on for five seconds?

see, it's really just that seeing this was a lot like reading OotP the first time. There are little bits that are sheer brilliance, loads of them, they're funny and sweet and magical, but you're so bogged down by hurtling through the plot that all you can remember at the end is how PLEAH you feel.

The twins. I ADORE the twins. People who have never slashed the twins/harry before will be doing it now. "We've got something LOADS better than're playing with the big boys now, Harry." and Ron! idon'twanttotapdance!Ron!!! Rupert grint i think is what saved a lot of the scenes in this movie for me.

and i wanted to hug Neville into oblivion. Marks, i'm shocked you aren't dead from the cute. that little tidbit of all the boys in their dorm made me squeal. We needed so much more stuff like that. Hours of it. i realize that all those minute or twos in between important things add up fast, but we so didn't seen enough of the characters who make up the heart of the HP universe.

I don't like the Wormtail ugliness. I hate it. He's been a very pampered pet for 12 years, he shouldn't look worse than Sirius. Not just because he's the bad guy. He should look like somebody you might at one time have been friends with, BECAUSE THEY WERE. "Well, I thought Sirius was the traitor, but upon reflection, Peter is much uglier. Off to Azkaban with you, Petey."

The sirius/remus interaction was brilliant though, i love the way that they didn't even really argue, that sirius was like "madness within? haha, listen to you, you're a gay werewolf!" and they both just cracked up. There so was making out after the camera panned away. There was practically making out BEFORE it panned away. there was SNUGGLING! and "you're heart is right here, in this human chest", or whatever the line was, i was like "is he tapping remus' chest or his own?" I was SO ANGRY when the 'call of one of its kind' turned out to be Hermione. I was practically writhing with the desire for it to be Padfoot.

I hated the werewolf too. *waves hand* a lot. soso much. It wasn't even HAIRY, people. He's a wereWOLF, not a werenakedmolerat.

Here's the big change I liked: while i didn't like that they cut short the scene where harry says he wants to live with sirius, i did like their conversation up to then (i love the throwaway line about James in the tunnel too), and I liked that they gave Remus' line about Harry's looks to Sirius. I didn't think i was going to cry, but i lost it finally when sirius said how sad it was that he'd spent so much time with James and Lily and so little with Harry.

did i mention that I loved the Sirius/Remus? Remus' little smirk when harry says it doesn't matter and Remus is like "oh, it matters" (sirius' too when he says it) thereloveSOIScanon!

I guess i'll stop before a write a novel. It's going to grow on me, i know it will, and it doesn't help that this is my favorite of the books. I just feel like it was so much less complete than the others and if you haven't read the book you'll have NO IDEA WHAT THE SHIT IS GOING ON.

My parents haven't read the books, i need to ask them what they think after they've seen it. It boggles my mind that there are people who've only seen the movies and have no idea who remus and sirius and peter even are yet.

our shirts for NYC are made! i compromised between the quotes from musesfool and copperbadge. The big picture is the snuggly Remus/sirius on the bench with "not in front of the children", and then on the back, you know how there's like little labels on the very top back of some t-shirts with the manufacturerer's doodle or what have you? we have little blue and black snakes that say "want to see my hole?" so you'll both be there in spirit. Er, in quote, anyway.


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