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Here an icon, there an icon...

I made a page with all my LJ icons so far, since i go through them so fast.

Take a Look

If anybody wants to submit one, I'll put it up in the gallery with proper credit, of course. Typically, humorous ones are encouraged, but if you feel you have a particularly beautiful or unique icon, go for it anyway.

I've been saving icons that i think are funny for some time, with the result that i cannot remember whose are whose, because i was a t00b and didn't write it down, and sociofemme's friends list is too big for me to search the whole way through.

If one of the following is your icon, could you claim it, and tell me whether or not it would be okay if i posted it in the gallery? I think they are hilarious!

Claimed by acadine
I think this is dipping_sauce's
Still nameless:
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