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Ironically Plum is the name of the character in this book too

Surprise package from my girl in the mail when I got home today ♥♥♥♥♥ So I gave her a pack of these giraffe cards months ago, and even though I bought them myself, i forget about it, so whenever I open the envelope and see it again, I start laughing out loud. She sent me back the digital mixtape, which is still one of my favorite things, and a book that she likes (because I inflicted one I liked on her last time). Also I got a Tamamiya drabble inside the card. Getting mail is the best ♥ Three weeks and one day and I will be on a plane to see her again! I am so ready I can't even.

School's going pretty smoothly, even with the extra class. It is making it tough to get done all the stupid little tasks you get emails about, which is completely what I'll end up getting yelled at about instead of all the actually important things I do just fine, but on the other hand, my days go by so much faster than last year. I've been early every school day so far, which my hallway neighbors find shocking, haha.

CSA box had more plums, which makes me sooo happy. Still deciding whether i'll make pie again or just eat them. I got sweet peppers too, big ones, and they gave us a recipe for making like roast beef-mushroom-provolone-stuffed peppers that sounded fucking amazing. And more sweet corn which is definitely getting baked in the oven like last time.

Finished nephew's birthday blanket this week and a couple other things, so I feel pretty on top of that. On the other hand i've been working on some Kitayama/Miyata all week that doesn't seem like it's going anywhere in particular. I need to wrap that up so I can start Trick or Treat or Hols or something.

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