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grocery shopping D:

I just did all the adulting, seriously. There was grocery shopping and laundry and vacuuming and guinea pig cleaning and I even juiced a bunch of fruit. I was promptly rewarded with a HSJ orgy fic and the information that Legend of Korra has started its second season.

I'm also feeling proud of myself because Friday I wore my new MLP shirt and another teacher was talking with me about how her little girls are like 300% MLP fans and she's caught her husband catching up on the new show episodes by himself, and in the middle of the conversation I asked if she wanted the box of ponies sitting in my closet doing nothing. Not my 1980s ponies that really played with and stuff, but the G3 ones that I collected in college. So Friday night I dug the whole box out and divided into a couple different bags for a couple other teachers who also have little kids, and I feel really good about passing them on that way.

Hoarding secret: you can totally get a hoarder to give away all kinds of stuff if they are convinced it will go to somebody who will use it.

I had a massage yesterday that my mom had scheduled us for weeks ago and I had forgotten about, and I ended up with a new lady who was really good, if really good means 'immediately identified the muscles that are a problem and do things to them.' I know it will feel better in a couple days, but the day after everything hurts. There is this one right down my shoulder that just makes me want to cry when they poke it.

It cooled off finally this weekend and I was so happy about it that I left all my windows open overnight, even when I was actually cold. I'm sure it'll go up and down a bit more before it's really fall, but I'm glad the worst of it is hopefully over. I will take cold over hot any day of the week.

Girlfriend and I watched a few more Gokusen 3s, shokura for the week, and then Taipi's hospital horror thing. Oh, and the HSJ bowling special. Yay skype watching~ Lol this is the most caught up with shokura i've been in ages. the munekyun confessions from Jinguji, Hokuto, and Shori was particularly special. Also thanks to Hokuto, I've had Bambina stuck in my head all day.

Next up, finishing this stupid Mitsu/Miya fic i've been stuck on all week. They won't do what I say!

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