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Yes, now win me prizes

It's raiiiiiining. It's awesome when that happens on the weekend and I don't have to go anywhere and can just enjoy it. Today is the last day of summer officially, so fall is here! If you couldn't tell from the pumpkin donuts and frapps. Pumpkin donuts are the besssssssst.

mid-week I thought for sure I was coming down with a bad cold or something, but then after two days of sore throat and achiness, it just went away again, lucky. This early in the year it's really tough to be out sick because neither the kids nor the subs are in a good routine yet, so it makes everything more dramatic. I'm still kind of wiped out, but that's fine, I can sleep that off. Or at least I would have if my allergies didn't wake me up at like 8am this morning, what the hell. maybe tomorrow.

otherwise it's been pretty tame around here, I took it easy all week since I wasn't feeling well. I'm almost done with the baby blanket I'm crocheting and I haven't decided what to start next but I want to do something for myself since I've done a bunch of things for other people in a row. Not that I mind doing that, just a bunch of things happened to fall in a row. and I keep watching progressively worse and worse television on the netflix while I'm working on stuff.

But Legend of Korra season 2 started!! I loved the first 2 episodes and I can't wait for more. I might rewatch season 1 honestly, since the gap between was pretty big, but I definitely feel like the season pass was money well spent. I love how its feel is a little older than AtLA, I love the pro-bending sports bits (although we haven't seen that really so far in season 2), and my favorite character in the whole thing is long-suffering Tenzen, who is just surrounded by air-bending insanity, bless him. I still wish they'd done the main pairings from last season a little differently, but it's a really minor complaint in comparison to all the things I love about it. Plus, awesome ladies! I need more awesome ladies on my TV.

new icon for reasons. Less than 2 weeks until I see my girl ♥♥♥♥♥

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