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Title: Shared Interests [Yuto/Hikaru]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: The basis of Yuto and Hikaru's relationship is that they like the same kind of freaky porn.
AN: 6 month anniversari present for the girlfriend. A while ago she was reading a fic where in the background Yuto and Hikaru were established, and we were chatting about how comfortable and relaxed they would be, and that the reason for hookup would be that they liked the same kind of porn or something, since Yuto is apparently the most ecchi in 7 and Hikaru, bless him, is sort of a weirdo. Also I'm laughing because this icon is so incredibly relevant.

Shared Interests

Lots of guys Hikaru knows are into something. Some of his friends follow sports teams, some build models, some watch or read series that are hundreds of episodes long, some have favorite actresses or rock bands or even idols, which is sort of funny given that most of his friends are idols. And while Hikaru enjoys all of those things to some extent, and doesn't mind when his friends talk or mail or Line him about them, he's never found anybody who shares his own obsession.

Hikaru likes porn, the weirder the better. Except 'likes' isn't really the right word, because most people he knows like porn to some extent. Hikaru doesn't watch it just to get off or because there's nothing good on; he finds it genuinely entertaining. Hikaru knows the studios, the actors, the release dates, knows who the new kids are in the live action stuff and what happens to his favorites when they retire. After watching an animated title for two minutes, he can usually name all of the voice actors and give a list of other titles they've starred in.

It's the same as following anything else, Hikaru explained back when he would try to talk about it with anybody else. You develop some favorites and it's fun to follow them, fun to see what's trendy and how it spreads from series to series, from live action to animated, or whatever. But unlike all the other interests other guys have, Hikaru can tell right away that most people aren't comfortable talking about it deeply, if they'll even admit to watching the kind of things that Hikaru does on a regular basis. Hikaru may be a little off-beat, but he's an excellent people reader and knows when to change the subject so things don't get awkward.

It's a little lonely being a fanbase of one, but Hikaru is at peace with the situation, since it's always been like that. He's content to enjoy his porn by himself and used to double-checking all his windows are closed before he lends anybody his laptop for a couple minutes.

But still, it's not a secret, so sometimes he watches things at work, waiting for a photoshoot turn or to record solo lines, headphones firmly in. Today's new release is about a mansion full of maids who sometimes have dicks, Hikaru hasn't quite figured out that plot point yet, but the dialogue is randomly clever, and Hikaru laughs out loud before he remembers where he is.

"What's funny?" Yuto asks, looking over from where he's fussing with the collar of his button down shirt for their photoshoot.

"Just this thing I'm watching," Hikaru says breezily, which everybody knows is code for "porn that nobody but me is interested in." He's a little surprised when Yuto comes over and plops onto the couch beside Hikaru, but Hikaru doesn't move to stop him looking. Usually the fastest way to shoo the other person off is to just let them get an eyeful.

"Oh!" Yuto says, surprised, and Hikaru expects that to be the end of that, except for that then Yuto keeps talking. "Is that Maid Mansion Love Missile? How'd you get that, it's not supposed to release until Wednesday!"

"I..." Hikaru peels his eyes away from the megane maid with the whip to blink at Yuto. "You know what this is?"

"Yeah." Yuto nods. "It's not my favorite series, but I like a couple of the voice actors. So where'd you get it?"

"Chinese message board," Hikaru says. "I can email you the link? They usually get stuff a couple days early, but then the links don't last long."

"Thanks, man." Yuto grins, attention still on the laptop. He nudges Hikaru's shoulder with his own when Hikaru just keeps looking at him. "Don't look so shocked, don't you know I'm the most perverted member of 7?"

"Sure, but..." Hikaru hasn't brought up this topic with anybody in so long he can hardly figure out how to start. "You said you liked the voice actors. So you follow them? And this is a pretty obscure series and studio." Yuto just keeps meeting his gaze evenly, until Hikaru adds, "It's just...not the sort of thing anybody else but me is interested in, usually."

"I'm just as surprised as you," Yuto laughs. "I knew you liked porn, but I thought they meant, you know, how everybody likes porn."

Hikaru starts to laugh too, because after all this time without anybody to talk to about it, there's been a guy in his own band the entire time. "Idiot, why didn't you say something? Do you like live-action too? Who's your favorite? And did you see that thing last week with the guy that looked just like Kame?"

It's like a dam breaking, like once Hikaru starts he can't stop the words from gushing out all at once because he hasn't had a chance to talk to anyone out loud about it for so long. He's nervous he'll frighten Yuto off with his word splooge, but Yuto's eyes light up like he's just as excited about it, the porn on Hikaru's laptop forgotten as they end up talking over each other half the time.

Inoo sticks his head into the room to yell that they're on deck, and they put the conversation on reluctant hold for now as some other members of the group come in to change and they have to go out where staff might overhear. It's not until they're leaving that Yuto reminds him to send the link, and Hikaru promises he will.

"If it's no good anymore, I'll burn it off for you instead," he says.

"Awesome! In that case, I'll bring something for you, too," Yuto promises, and Hikaru grins the whole way home because this feels like the start of a beautiful friendship.

It's amazing what a difference having even just one person to share things with makes, and somehow even having the rest of the group rag on them for bonding over freaky porn is funny when Yuto's there to laugh with about it. Not that anybody really cares, so long as they keep it to themselves, although once in a while Yamada and Yabu come to whine about how they've taken away each other's best friends.

"You could watch too," Yuto suggests when Yamada is being particularly clingy, double schedule and late rehearsal making Yamada worse than a jealous girlfriend. Hikaru is changing nearby, chuckling quietly to himself at Yuto's pain. At least Yabu has the decency to try and win Hikaru's attention with food.

"Groooss," Yamada whines, not that he takes his head off of Yuto's shoulder, putting the laptop squarely in his field of vision.

"Just shut your eyes then," Yuto advises, patting Yamada's head without taking his eyes away from the screen.

"That makes it worse! The noises are way worse that way!" Yamada protests. "You love Hikaru's porn more than me, just admit it."

"Oh, go make out with Chinen or something," Yuto retorts, and Hikaru has to actually muffle laughter with his hand.

It's weeks later when Hikaru is over at Yuto's house, getting some files off his external hard drive, when Yuto mentions the new movie he finished downloading overnight.

"Ah, I've been looking for that!" Hikaru says, glancing at the little window showing his downloading progress. "Damn, my flashdrive is nearly full, how big is it?"

"I haven't watched it yet. We could watch it together?" Yuto suggests. There's a pause as Hikaru looks up, because they haven't ever done that before. "Unless that's weird."

"No," Hikaru says quickly. "I mean, I guess it's fine. I haven't done it before with anybody."

"Cherry boy," Yuto coos, and Hikaru punches him hard in the arm.

Yuto flatly refuses to put the porn on his television, insisting his mother will hear it through even a hundred walls, so they end up stretched out beside each other on Yuto's bed, Yuto's laptop positioned half across both of their laps. The only comfortable way to do it is for Yuto to put an arm around Hikaru's shoulders, but in their group that's hardly a big deal at this point. What little awkwardness there is between them fades away after only a few minutes, and before long Hikaru has his head pillowed comfortably against Yuto's shoulder, Yuto's head leaning against his.

They can talk about what's happening, even, both of them laughing at the same parts and picking out the voice actors by ear. It's more fun this way, Hikaru thinks, having somebody to talk to right next to you, and the movie isn't even over by the time he's suggesting other things they should watch together.

"Do you ever get off to it?" Hikaru asks when they're sitting up. He's been wondering, since he does sometimes, but hasn't felt relaxed enough to let the question tumble out until now.

Yuto pulls his feet in to sit cross-legged. "Sometimes, yes. Do you?"

"Yeah. Usually to live stuff, but sometimes not." Hikaru watches Yuto's face to see if this starts being too much information. "Sometimes something just catches me the right way. It's hard to tell until I'm already watching it. That's the reason I ask, because if we're watching stuff together..."

"I'll say if you will?" Yuto offers. He's so easy-going about everything, Hikaru can't help but smile as he nods. "I'd be pretty terrible porn if we didn't get turned on ever."

"It would!" Hikaru agrees, the last of his apprehension melting away.

They watch things together more often after that, becoming familiar enough guests at each other's house that their mothers start leaving out twice the leftovers to warm up. Not that the two of them were strangers before, but Hikaru likes the way they grow closer naturally, the way he never feels anything but comfortable when he's with Yuto.

"You two are gross," Keito announces as he fixes his hair in the mirror. He's borrowing the mirror in Hikaru and Yuto's hotel room because Takaki is apparently taking the bath of a lifetime in the room Keito is sharing with him and Yabu.

"Sure," Hikaru says easily, totally content with Yuto stretched out along his side and some halfway decent tentacle porn on his laptop. Since they're on tour and nobody's mother is a wall away, they don't even have to bother with headphones.

"At least watch some regular porn when the rest of us can't avoid you, damn," Keito continues. "What's the fun of all that animated shit anyway?"

"Assuming you mean Japanese regular and not Western regular," Yuto says, "I like porn where the girl looks like she actually likes sex."

"Usually," Hikaru amends, but just then a tentacle slipping into the girl's mouth puts a stop to her protests. "Hey, is British porn any good? You could translate for us."

"Fuck you guys, seriously," Keito turns around to point at them with his comb, Yuto snickering in Hikaru's ear. "Maybe if you dragged yourself away from those 2D ladies once in a while, you could get a 3D one to come anywhere near you."

"Shut up, shoo, the good part's coming up." Hikaru waves at the door. Keito rolls his eyes and strolls out.

"Wrap it up, Casanova!" Yuto calls after him, and Keito flips them the bird before the door slams shut.

It's a pretty normal exchange, but Hikaru finds himself thinking about it for a while afterwards. As the movie winds down, Yuto elbows Hikaru.

"You're quiet," he says. "What's up?"

"Thinking about what Keito said," Hikaru answers. "He's right, you know? That this is probably a dealbreaker for any girl. If I liked a baseball team or a video game or even an anime I might have a chance." Hikaru sighs, letting his head flop against Yuto's shoulder. "It's not a thing I'll be able to share with anybody like that, I guess."

"Maybe you don't have to choose," Yuto tells him, squeezing him a little with the arm that's wrapped around his shoulders like usual.

"Don't I?" Hikaru leans back enough to see Yuto's face, brow furrowed. "But I do, right?"

"I guess you just have to find someone who likes the same things as you," Yuto says. He holds Hikaru's gaze with his own until Hikaru's mouth falls open a little.

"Are you...what..." Hikaru stumbles over his words, making Yuto laugh. "You?"

Yuto shrugs, smile sheepish but eyes maybe just a little hopeful. "I like a little male-on-male as much as anybody sometimes. Did I just make this really weird?"

Hikaru thinks about it, really thinks. "No. I'm just surprised. Do you...really think we could?"

Yuto leans over and presses their mouths together. It's not earth-shattering and no violins play and Hikaru doesn't realize Yuto was his true love all along or anything ridiculous, but it feels nice. When Yuto pulls back, he can still look Hikaru in the eye, and Hikaru thinks he wouldn't mind if Yuto wanted to kiss him again.

"Is it okay if the basis of our relationship is that we watch the same kind of porn?" Yuto asks, sort of teasing except sort of not.

"It's not even the stupidest thing I've heard this week," Hikaru assures.

"It's hard to compete with BEST for that award," Yuto says solemnly. "Out of curiosity, is the stupidest thing you've heard this week Yabu and Inoo-chan arguing over whether or not they could fit the whole group in a capsule hotel capsule?"

"Not even close," Hikaru chuckles, and then he leans in for a kiss of his own. This one's nice too, a little shy but not so short, and when Yuto's hand comes up to brush against his hair, Hikaru can almost forget this whole thing is based on porn.

"Hey," Yuto says, only pulling far enough away that his words are puffing air over Hikaru's lips. "Remember when you said you do get off to it sometimes? So I was thinking, maybe now would be a good time to try that."

Yuto's smile is nervous, but that makes Hikaru feel better because he's nervous too. "Might as well take advantage of the room, right? So my only question is..."

"Yeah?" Yuto asks when Hikaru trails off.

"Where do we put the laptop? Because it's one thing for it to overheat against my legs, but if I'm getting my dick out--" He's interrupted by Yuto bursting into laughter, and Hikaru starts laughing too, their heads resting against each other's shoulders as they snicker themselves out. The third kiss is almost natural, Yuto turning his head just enough for their mouths to meet without either one of them thinking about it too hard.

They sit the laptop on the bed, in between the two of them at about knee distance, close enough to still see but far enough that nobody's Wonderland Train is in danger. Hikaru reads down the list of files he has on hand and thinks might work, until Yuto says, "That one," before Hikaru is even done saying the title. Satisfied with Yuto's choice, Hikaru leans forward to double-click and fullscreens the movie in question, then leans back against his pillows.

"Should we just, um," Hikaru gestures at his sweatpants. Yuto shrugs helplessly. "Okay, on three, we'll both--seriously, stop laughing! One...two...Yuto, I swear to god, if I get to three and I'm the only one who pulls their dick out--"

"Three, three," Yuto finishes, laughing almost too hard to get the words out, and Hikaru's sure he's being tricked, but then they both have their sweats shoved down enough to have their dicks in their hands. They probably should have thought it through a little better, because neither one of them is hard yet, but whatever small amount of embarrassment Hikaru feels is quickly chased away by how Yuto keeps sneaking looks at him.

He doesn't stop looking when Hikaru starts stroking himself, and Hikaru doesn't stop looking either. It's hot, new and a little strange to do it with somebody watching, but it gets a little hotter when they catch eyes accidentally and Yuto doesn't look away right away. Neither one of them looks away until a sharp moan from the laptop makes them both turn their head.

"Can I touch you?" Hikaru asks suddenly, surprising himself almost as much as Yuto. Yuto nods, and Hikaru reaches over. He wraps his hand around Yuto's and strokes along with him for a few seconds, before Yuto pulls his hand away. Yuto isn't the first guy Hikaru's ever touched, but it feels different, or maybe it's just that Hikaru wants Yuto to like it more and that's what makes it feel different.

"Feels good," Yuto murmurs, gaze drifting back and forth from the laptop to Hikaru's hand wrapped around his cock.

"Yeah? Good." Hikaru gives Yuto a squeeze tight enough to surprise a low noise out of him. "So help a guy out, can't you?"

Yuto's hand is warm a little callused, and it does feel good, so good. It's been a while since anybody has touched Hikaru except himself, so it's easy to lose himself in that feeling. Cheek pressed against Yuto's shoulder and eyes only half-focused on the girl taking it cowgirl-style on his laptop screen, Hikaru is already close to his limit by the time he realizes.

"I'm gonna come," he manages to warn Yuto. All it does is draw Yuto's full attention, and Hikaru can feel Yuto's attention like a warm hand running over his skin as he comes, shuddering against Yuto's side. He feels a bit fuzzy as he starts to come down, batting Yuto's hand away when it's too much. "Mmm."

"Don't stop," Yuto encourages, pushing up into Hikaru's slack grip. "Come on, Hikaru."

Hikaru really likes the way his name sounds when Yuto says it like that, low and pleading. He forces his hand back into action, jerking Yuto off just a little faster, using a little more pressure, until Yuto makes some more of those low noises.

"Like that?" Hikaru asks. Yuto groans softly in agreement. "Say my name again."

"Jerk, say mine," Yuto pants, rough breathing ruffling Hikaru's hair. "S'my turn."

"Yuto," Hikaru says. He turns his head to say it into Yuto's ear, loving the way that Yuto shivers against him. "Yuto, come on already."

Yuto must be close enough for that to push him over, because he spills hot over Hikaru's hand only a few seconds later. He's kind of clingy and useless afterwards, as it turns out, but Hikaru doesn't mind so much. He's a porn pro, after all, so the tissues are in easy reach. The laptop is still patiently playing the movie, but neither one of them pays much attention to it.

"Can I sleep here with you?" Yuto asks eventually. He sounds half-asleep already, and Hikaru doesn't think Yuto has the energy to move even if he said no. They should probably get under the blankets, in fact, but Hikaru's working on that.

"Yeah, of course," Hikaru answers. Maybe he can just yank the side of the blanket free and throw it over them. "That's normal, isn't it? For people who are going out."

"It's really okay?" Yuto asks. He sounds a little worried that Hikaru might have changed his mind post-orgasm. "If you just wanted to fool around because it's tour, it's no big deal."

"Are you lying?" Hikaru knows the answer, but it feels good to hear it anyway.

"Yes," Yuto says. He sighs, breath warm against Hikaru's forehead. "The idea that I can like all the stuff I like and still like you at the same time, it feels awesome. If you don't feel that way too, it's totally going to suck."

"I feel that way too. Not that sucking is out of the question." Hikaru snorts a laugh when Yuto flicks his forehead. "Let's give it a try? Also can we get under this blanket, because I am freezing my SUPER DELICATE off."

It's barely weird at all to curl up with Yuto under the blankets, to talk about random things until they're so sleepy they're barely making any sense. It feels like any of the hundreds of times they've shared a room or slept over, except for how Hikaru can feel Yuto's laugh against the back of his neck. It feels just as comfortable as before, only better.

"You two really are gross," Yabu informs Hikaru as they change for a photoshoot a few weeks later, and Hikaru can only laugh because Yabu had zero problem with catching them making out last week, but apparently the domestic exchange of bento toppings at lunch was too much for him.

"Sorry, Yabucchi." Hikaru slaps Yabu's shoulder on the way by. "Should have made your move while you had the chance."

"I wouldn't touch you and your freaky porn for all the tea in Shizuoka," Yabu informs him, making Hikaru chuckle. Like Yabu never watched a single thing with him and Taiyou and Shoon during their junior days. Shoon's half the reason he even knows what tentacle porn is, honestly.

"Hi?" Yuto asks when Hikaru pops up behind him and headbutts his shoulder a little. He pauses buttoning his shirt to reach back and pat Hikaru's head. "Hey, want to come over later?"

"Why, got something new to watch?" Hikaru asks, standing up on his toes a little to rest his chin on Yuto's shoulder. If he checks out Yuto in the mirror a little, there's no harm in inspecting the merchandise on display.

"Nope," Yuto answers. "Just want to see you, actually."

Their eyes meet in the mirror for a moment, and then both of them are grinning. Warmth washes through Hikaru, and maybe it feels like Yuto could be his true love after all, just a little.

"It's a date," Hikaru agrees, squeezing Yuto around the waist and getting a kiss on the cheek in return.

Hikaru has some stuff he wants to watch together, actually, but it can always wait until next date night.

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