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5:00 pm is Elk Time

I am home safely from AZ, despite Sky Harbor Airport's best effort to let me stay there like I so clearly wanted to. My flight ended up being delayed hours and hours, and I didn't get the whole way home until almost midnight last night, making school this morning extra special. But I made it.

Had a really nice time with my girl ♥ We did the Melting Pot for her birthday, which is amazing if you've never been there. You basically eat until you want to die, and then after that they bring out the chocolate with like brownie and cheesecake and whatnot to dip in. We drove up into the mountains so I could meet one of her friends, had several disturbing conversations about Sasquatch, and stayed overnight in what i can only describe as the cutest little cabin I have ever seen. There were christmas lights! plus it was cold as hell so snuggling yessssss.

We had a near miss encounter with my (as of recently) truck-driving brother, who bizarrely had his truck break down in Phoenix. At first he thought he would be there for at least a couple days and we were hoping to get dinner with him the next day, but then he texted back and said that they fixed his truck right away. Damn! it would have been the best story ever if 2B had been the first family member to meet the girlfriend, in Phoenix no less. I guess it's still a funny story, but argh, so close!

Sunday we hung around and watched concerts since it turns out the Rainbows Festival and its attached drag show aren't actually for a couple weekends yet, oops. But honestly I like lazy vacationing best anyway. At heart all i really want to do is curl up under blankets together, so it doesn't take much to keep me pleased with the situation.

So being by myself again sucks .___. it's so strange how I went all that time being perfectly happy just to be left alone and then after only a couple nights of not sleeping alone it takes days and days for that to go at all back to normal. plus time zone confusion too ugh. I guess it's a good sign that I feel that way since I already asked her to come be in my immediate space for permanent but it doesn't feel so good right at this particular moment, obviously. Fingers crossed it'll go by faster since I have to keep going to school and can't just lie around and wallow like I did over the summer. Plus this past wait time was the longest stretch, so it has to be all downhill from here, right?

In the parking lot after school, chem teacher friend asked about my weekend and what happens now and I basically word vomited all over her. I was laughing at myself even as I did it because it's exactly like how i get about fannish stuff, how I don't get to talk about it out loud much so as soon as anybody shows any interest you can't actually shut me up. girlfriend fandom OTP, apparently.

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