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I feel like it is awesome music week, since I really like both the new Arashi album and the CN Blue album that I finally got around to listening to properly. Why doesn't Coffee Shop have an MV? It really should.

SiL and I finally cornered my mother today and forced her to decide where Thanksgiving is happening. She decided she wanted it at the house, which is fine by me since that's so much closer than my brother/SiL's house. I get to make pumpkin pie and pineapple stuffing, both of which I am totally down for. We aren't sure if trucker brother will be home for it, but 3B is coming up from DC. I'm ready for this to just be here and happen already, let's get this show on the road. Girlfriend times, I wants them precioussss.

got all my chores done finally, but it was a struggle to adult this weekend, not sure why. I can tell you that I was so unreasonably exhausted all week that I took hours-long naps both Monday and Thursday after school and it didn't help at all. Usually that's a PMS symptom for me, but it's way too early for that. Maybe it's weather change or something, who knows.

Rereading Ender's Game because I'm cautiously excited about the movie. I possess but have never read Ender's Shadow and maybe I'll pick that up when I'm done. I've never liked any of Card's stuff nearly as much as I like EG, it's just lightning in a bottle, I guess.

I'm growing my hair back out some and I'm about 6 weeks past my usual haircut, but all of the sudden a couple days ago it felt long suddenly. It's not, it's barely touching my shoulders yet, but it's touching me in weird places and feels odd. Yesterday I even had it in a ponytail for the first time since I started getting it cut this way, like five years ago. Today I pulled my sides back and I kept double-taking at my reflection because it looked weird.

Finally made a little bit of progress on the Halloween fic, and I think I've worked out most of the details of where it's going. I just need to actually get it written since it's due the 26th. Last year's was 14k and also I had a surprise day off school to work on it, so I hope that's not what happens this year because that is not going to fly.

Oh and I should probably catch up with Korra, hmm.

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