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I can be your third wheel, it adds speed and stability

I'm really having a hard time getting into Season 8 of Supernatural. Admittedly I'm not giving it my whole attention, not like I ever do that with TV, but I'm finding it really hard to follow coherently. When Castiel is on screen talking I'm enjoying it, but now he just went away again and it went back to being a sort of trainwreck of whatever.

I finished Trick or Fic on Saturday, with a couple hours to spare even. I think it turned out well, but I'm anxious for it to get posted so I can repost it already. this anon stuff, I don't like it. Seems like a handful of people were working on creepy halloween fic, which I think is awesome. Scary stories are not something fandom spawns a lot of, which I think is a shame! I am gonna watch myself some scary movies the next couple nights.

I was hoping to work on/finish my hols stuff after Trick or Fic but ugh I needed a break so bad. Doesn't help that it's a pretty do all the things week for me, up to and including the dentist tomorrow. Today I lost my job keys which had me in a panic all afternoon. I've found them, thank god, but i still feel sort of emotionally hungover from it. the grocery+gym+laundry trifecta didn't help that either.

I got starry thermal curtains for my bedroom and they look so cool! I bought thermal ones from Target years ago which worked fine but looked terrible, so this is a big step up. they weren't cheap though, so I bought something plainer but more reasonable for the other window. Now I'm thinking maybe I should just cave and make the two windows match and put the plain blue ones in the kitchen, but hm, we'll see.

also I finished rereading Ender's Game last night, in preparation for the movie coming out this weekend. I was thinking about trying Ender's Shadow next, which I own but have never read, or maybe I'll just go back to working my way through the pile of YA. If only I could just sit here and read until I run out of things on that shelf.

One month exactly until girlfriend comes to visit ♥ I am so ready, I miss her face .____.

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