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i had such a terrible day yesterday, I can't even tell you. it reached a point where I gave up and went to show a movie in one class and the remote control broke. and that was like 3rd period. I hope whatever I did to deserve yesterday is all paid up now, because we have three weeks until thanksgiving with no days off and every teenager in my building is teetering on the edge of going off the rails. Right now I don't feel very far behind them.

Mostly my plan today is to crochet and watch this backlog of Shokuras, and then later I think my dad wants to go out and have a NaNo write-in together, where I will actually be writing Hols because I'm pretty sure I quit NaNo on Thursday night.

I'm excited about the Busaiku single, though, and pleased by how they took that name and turned the kanji into something cute ("dance festival group"). The title is cute too. Fingers crossed I will like the song/PV, but either way I'm happy Nakai seems to personally putting effort into pushing them forward, not just because I'm happy that somebody's doing it, but because I know Nakai's a senpai they really love so I know this means a lot to them.

I even like Jin's new album a lot, a lot a lot, which I wasn't expecting at all. What is this alternate reality.

I caught up to as many Korra episodes as itunes had downloaded, and I am sad that sassy pro-sports Korra has turned into shouting crazy girlfriend Korra. I don't like this season nearly so much as I liked season 1 and I am very sadface about that because I liked 1 so much. I hope it evens out some. I mean I guess there could be some writers' plan to have everyone sort of splinter off and then realize they need to pull it together, but I feel like the characterizations and plots of the episodes are disjointed and not running together in a terribly smooth narrative. I guess it's American tv and I should stop expecting so much. But Avatar managed it! sigh. I got season 1 of Veronica Mars from the book/dvd exchange place for cheap and maybe i should start that instead.

My Twinklex2 concert DVD finally came, and I love it ♥ their concerts look like so much fun. I was really impressed by Tsuka's solo at how good he sounded, and Hasshi's solo is like my favorite thing in the entire world. I love that relaxed solo style, where it's just him and jeans and a hoodie and it's sexy and fun because he's having such a good time. And then I cried because Hasshi is such a good adult and he's amazing. HASSHIIIII.

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