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marksykins and i are trading Touchy Uncle Remus ficlets, and i mentioned this drabble. I couldn't dig it up online (it's from a million years ago) but i did find the word file on my computer, so here you go:

Head of the Class
“ I’ve GOT to pass Defense this year!”

Leaning on his desk, Remus appraised Neville coolly, considering giving this little failure the same chance he’d given the Patils and that perky Ravenclaw brunette.

True, Neville was male, but if Remus remembered anything from his own school days, it was that boys tended to get the important bits right, and anyway it wasn’t like HE’D got his DADA OWL by doling out Chocolate Frogs. Worse case, who’d notice one more Memory Charm on Longbottom?

He locked his door with a wand flick, before sliding his knee between Neville’s.

“You’d do…anything?”

NYC tomorrow OMG SQUEEEE! heh, everytime i say 'squee' lately, i think of that music video with the squirrel that's like "gonads and strife, gonads and strife, gonads and striiiiife".

PoA was better the second time. I have high hopes for the third.
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