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I am gonna make this LJ post or die trying

*Went for acupuncture this afternoon because I had a groupon to see if they could do anything about headaches (also I just wanted to try it). She put a couple on my legs, on my hand, my eyebrows, and a bunch in one of my ears. the ears kind of weirded me out, but it didn't hurt and it was sort of relaxing. I don't have a headache right now so maybe it worked! More news on that as the story develops. I have one more session from my groupon in a couple weeks.

*8 days until girlfriend time. 8 dayyyyyyys. When I was outside earlier I felt like she might get her wish for snow because damn.

*I got rid of a ton of stuff this weekend because I cleaned out my little storage space in the laundry room and I have probably said this before, but just knowing that somebody is coming who I want much more than the stuff makes it way easier than I would have believed before any of this started. Also the bottom layer was full of empty boxes, except for the big TV box which was full of...other boxes. But I took a bunch of dolls and trolls to school for people with kids and threw out a bunch more and it was really satisfying.

*Then I put the Kis-My-Ft2 tree back up and nearly all the lights still work even. I think this might be the last year for the tree though since it was kind of gross and I had to chlorox wipe down the whole thing. Next year, new tree. hopefully in new apartment!

*crazy art school friend came last weekend instead of next weekend at the last second (surprise!) and we had a good time and I was glad to see her but afterwards I'm always kind of effort-hungover for a few days. But I helped with her storage unit and she helped with mine and we made meatless tacos and watched the First Wives Club for some reason, and then Ocean's 11 which is possibly my favorite movie in the entire entire world.

*I am gonna finish this motherfucking blanket for my bed if it's the last motherfucking thing I do, and I don't care that I am never going to finish friend's wedding blanket in time, or scarf for bro's Italian girlfriend's mother or whatever. TODAY FOR ME TOMORROW FOR YOU.

still working on all my questions in the last post! after soup, because it's cold and souuuuup.

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