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Almost There

I have cleaned so many things. ALL THE THINGS. But there are always more things ;___; But at least the guinea pigs are clean and the floor is swept and I swiffered the kitchen/bathroom (before I promptly dropped a whole bag of brown sugar right on it). You can see the top of my table! that's love, man. You don't even know.

I got a new vacuum cleaner as my early christmas present, and it's amazing. It's a Shark, which all the ladies at school were raving about, and it's purple! I ran the old vacuum before the new one, just to see what would happen, and yikes XD Anyway, it's supposed to be awesome for allergies, and it's a ton easier to push than the old one, so I'm really happy with it. Also it's purple ♥

3Bro is supposed to come over sometime tonight so that we have some time to shoot the shit together before I pick up the girlfriend and then family time tomorrow. I wish he'd stop being so far away, sigh. 2Bro isn't going to make it home with his whole trucking deal, poor guy. This is his favorite holiday, because there's all the food and none of the present-giving haha.

Anyway, I made pumpkin pie out of an actual pumpkin! My last summer CSA box had a longneck pumpkin so I chunked it and baked it and blendered it, and I am really excited about this pie. Although it turns out i am allergic to raw longneck pumpkin, as evidenced by how my thumb swelled up and went numb for a little while. It's bizarre that I've gone all these years and never known that.

I am really excited for my girl to be here tomorrow ♥ I have to leave here at like 5am to get her from the airport, so I somehow doubt I'll manage to sleep a whole lot before then. Worth it~ I have been promising the guinea pigs a pretty lady for weeks, and they just keep looking at me like "I don't see any pretty ladies here, you."

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