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Happy Thanksgiving

Girlfriend and I survived the 7am airport pickup, despite them sending her to a totally weird terminal that I was not at all prepared for. But we got to nap a little, or at least she did. After an hour or so I got up to bake the pineapple stuffing and the Amish Friendship Bread, which I am convinced I did all wrong but I made with Pistacio pudding since that's a flavor the girlfriend likes and [personal profile] musikologie insists will work.

We're heading over to my parents' in about 20 minutes, and I'm kind of anxious about it still, but it's not that I don't think it will be fine, it will be. But it's important, though, so I guess there's no way not to be anxious about it at least a little. My brothers are excited to meet the girlfriend anyway (meanwhile I've been beating off school friends with a stick, but they'll have to wait until Monday if that even works out at all).

So this year, clearly I am thankful that the girlfriend exists and that she's a lot braver than I ever am, or we wouldn't be doing this right now. I'm thankful that JE and the internet exist or we wouldn't know each other either.

hope all of you have stuff that's just as awesome happen to you this year as well ♥

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