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I drove 780 miles this Thanksgiving break

me: "I told my parents you were moving here."
girlfriend: "how'd it go?"
me: "pretty well. they didn't seem all that surprised."
girlfriend: "maybe they are aware of the uhaul rule."

so the girlfriend met everybody and everybody met her, and nothing got set on fire and the pistachio friendship bread turned out fine and my mother even texted on our way back to the airport to wish her a safe flight and tell her to come back soon, which I was impressed by since it was unprompted. I think the whole thing went better than I dared hope and it was a big relief to have it over with. Also we fit in my bed okay which was the #2 thing I was deeply concerned about, followed closely by #3 being entirely allergic to guinea pigs and #4 holy shit look at all that yarn let me rethink this choice.

I mean, I don't know, my family is a lot like me and girlfriend seems to like me okay. But like I said above, I told my parents at dinner about the planned move, so I think I'm out of big announcements for the foreseeable future.

We had an awesome time in NYC, which included seeing Kinky Boots. It was so good! the music was fantastic and I liked all the leads, it was one of the best shows I've seen in a long while, I really recommend it. We stayed at a hotel I liked too, around 39th st, so it was a lot closer than going to the Pod. I felt a lot more like an adult there lol. On the little card that said about buying things like Snickers bars and sodas, there was a $5 intimacy kit which we could not actually locate, so we just laughed about what could possibly be in a $5 intimacy kit when a snickers bar cost $7.

We also tried driving some of the way and then taking a more local train, and it was really doable. Although it's hard to beat the convenience of taking the train directly from here, it's not cheap and the times aren't very flexible. Since once she's here we're probably going to be in NYC more regularly than I've been going on my own, I would totally do the drive/train option.

My break was a little too much do all the things and drive all the places, so i was ridiculously vacation hungover today, but it was worth it. I feel like I've done all the hardest, long stretches of this being alone wait and not like this one will be fun, but winter break isn't too many school days away and I'll be busy with the last big stuff-purging push. Maybe in two weeks or a month I'll feel different, but right now it seems more directly doable. Almost there ♥

I did so many adult things today it's not even funny D: and there are only more of them tomorrow. But I did all my phone call errands and cleaned the pigs and paid all my bills for the month. Sadly tomorrow is laundry and dishes and maybe gym. One day there won't be any more things.

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