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Snow Express

It's snowinggggggg. A real snowstorm, not just a little bit of flurrying, that's actually gonna stick to stuff. That's pretty early for us! So I guess the science teacher's prediction that we're going to have a real Pennsylvanian winter is right on, seems so far. Girlfriend is mad she missed it by a week, lol. I'm right there with her, since this is perfect couch snuggling weather.

Last night I was at the wedding of one of my closest school friends until super late. It was so much fun! I'm really happy for her, and I really like her husband. Her venue was cool, and her winter wedding looked so pretty because the place had all their lights up and everything. they had a hot chocolate station! And cookies! And then during like the second song at the reception I pulled some muscle in my side, oops, and of course didn't stop dancing, so now it huuuurts. I have like three salonpas patches stuck to it XD

The staff at my high school is really close, I always think because there's so much pressure up from our students and down from our admin that we have no choice but to bond tightly. Stuff like weddings, baby showers, that kind of thing, we really come out for, and last night in particular I felt really happy to be where i was, with the people I was with. they're more than just people I work with, they're my family ♥ They make me feel like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, more than I ever felt like in high school or college or anywhere. You can tell, in my staff, who is just passing through and who is a real [my high school] teacher, and I'm grateful every day that I get to work with these people.

I made Amish Friendship bread with lemon pudding and it's so good warm, mmmm.

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