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That's the fifth time I've seen that spirit mushroom

COOOOOOLD SWEET JESUS. lol it's so too early to complain about this here, but today when I came out of the school it felt like freaking February. I can't believe the early snow we're having; seems like we're going to be in for a pretty rough winter if this is what it's like in mid-december. One of the science teachers was saying that the prediction is for us to have a real Pennsylvanian winter, and we were like yeah, the last couple have been mild. She was like, no no, a REAL one. Like the kind we used to get 10-15 years ago, and we were like "ohhhh. oh. .....shit."

it's supposed to snow a lot in PA, in case you're too young for that memo. A LOT. also the stuff we say to each other here in farm country makes me laugh. I said to the one English teacher "i saw the fuzziest woolly bear caterpillar, we are screwed" and she was like "I know! There were so many acorns! It's gonna be serious!" and the teacher from New York standing near us was like "what the fuck are you idiots talking about." That's true, though, about the acorns. Nature takes care of itself, man.

I am prepared for cold with tea! I got a bunch in the mail yesterday, like pineapple green and pear white and some mint lemon stuff that's supposed to replace my lemon ginger they don't make at teavana anymore (spoiler alert: it won't). I'd be lying though if i didn't say that I'm totally looking forward to cold and snow because I will have someone to snuggle with ♥

I felt like I was coming down with a stomach thing all yesterday, so I just laid around and caught up with some TV. I finished season 2 of Korra finally, and even though it didn't make up for how lackluster I felt the season overall was, it wasn't the worst thing. I guess it's hard to follow a first season that's so powerful. I still love Tenzen best of all, except maybe Bolin. Watched some of MLP season 6 as well where I completely enjoyed Applejack and Rainbow Dash competing over completely ridiculous shit.

I'm still plugging away through Friday Night Lights too, although I'm struggling with season 4 in terms of characters doing all the stupid shit, and I'm really not happy about Tim Riggins + younger girl whose name I can't even remember because it feels incredibly pedo to me. Not sure why that age gap is bothering me, but it really is. Actually all these ladies are kind of bothering me, but nothing new about me/ladies on TV = NOTP. Maybe I'll rewatch some more West Wing after this to cleanse my palate with the best ladies ever.

I am so ready for Friday you just have no idea and a half. ONE MORE WEEK. I CAN DO THIS.

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