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third time's a charm

musesfool, florahart, and copperbadge: WE MISSED YOU!!! and we thought about you during the Rosmerta scene, sam.

Meeting everybody was a blast, and we had so too much fun with marksykins who is absolutely adorable. Flora, we had a little threesome during the movie with marks in the middle :)

I met maybethemoon and saw cluegirl too.

musesfool actually has a really good list herself up, but we saw a few things too.

--the dead ferret thing. Not that hermione fed him the ferrets, but that they were ferrets at all. Draco did piss off Buckbeak, and Hagrid does say that's uber bad. Plus there's been a lot of random mention of Beaky for the last two books. Sure, Sirius needed him in four to get around, but in five? what's he still doing there?

--the ghost affecting Dean when he bumbled through it. random Siriusy spoilers? even though they said he wasn't coming back as a ghost. *shrugs* i think it's something.

--the monster book? it's cute, but they did spend a chunk of time on it in a movie that was hurting for spare time. It might mean something.

I know we talked about other stuff right after, but i can't remember what at the moment.
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