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Reindeers are Better than People

School district closed for tomorrow without even waiting for tomorrow morning, which I i'm still in shock about. It's not for snow or ice or even rain; it's apparently too cold for school. Too cold! The fact that we have had two delays and two off days and it's the first week in January still is sobering to say the least. We still talk about the first year I taught when we got sent home for ice on a Tuesday and didn't go back all week. I'm pretty sure this year we're going to have some quality stories.

FQF finished posting the quickie prompt claims today, and I have been really enjoying all the fic up there each day. Go read some! There was Kisumai and ABC-Z and HSJ and Baka6 and a handful of other things too. I'm sure you will easily and obviously guess what I wrote based on title alone because i suck at anon, but go enjoy anyway. And comment! They aren't exchange fics so kind words from anybody is appreciated.

Speaking of writing, I don't usually mention/repost shiritori, but I wrote something I think turned out really well this week:
Body to Body -- Shintarou and Jinguji accidentally switch bodies and find out that they aren't the only ones whose life is hard. Also there is hugging and Hashimoto's helpful senpai advice. It's PG-13 and has sort of some pairings hanging around, but isn't couple-based if that bothers you about those guys.

rikikomori and I are running a loose Valentine's Day writing thing where you can pick prompts. Right now you can see the gdoc right here and put up some romantic-type prompts even if you aren't sure you want to write/draw or maybe won't at all. More prompts would be great! There's only about 15 right now. She's going to master list the JE submissions, but if you wanted to write other things we really aren't going to police any part of this, haha.

I feel like I have all the feelings lately, like for the last week or so it's been ongoing, which is unusual in the sense that nothing in particular seems to set it off and also usually that sort of thing only lasts a couple days. They're good feelings? so I guess it's fine. Sooooooon.

Hope everybody else in the states is staying safe and warm!

Entry also posted at if you'd rather comment there.
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