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You keep on drawing the line, just a little bigger every time

I discovered Royal Pirates yesterday and now they are my jam. I love the Drawing the Line single like crazy, and I'm so impressed with the English lyric version. Clearly idk what it says in Korean but my assumption is it's not translated but redone, since the English is like...meaningful? Clever? I can't quite put into words what I mean, but it sounds like a song I would listen to in English all on its own, and not one done by a non-native speaker, like when Jin does them or whatever. I love it. Anyway then I discovered some of their rock covers on YT, like Mirotic and All I Want for Christmas, and man, just, yes. Lead guy is also very pretty in a wide-eyed pale-skinned way that makes me want to cougar him like when they put Senga with older ladies on Busaiku.

MY HEAD HURTS. IT WON'T STOP. Because twice a week we have snow/potential for snow so all the low pressure and it will be super cold a few days and then switch to above freezing again, so in short I don't get over one sinus headache before the next one starts. I do okay once I've taken some excedrin, but I'm always afraid i'll take it too much and it'll stop working and then nothing else in the entire world ever works so I'll be screwed forever. Even now, if i let it go more than a couple hours without taking the excedrin, or if i try to power through, I get all migrainey pukey sick and then afterwards i'm like migraine hungover for a day or two.

At least I don't feel like I did last week, where for like 5 days absolutely nothing made me feel better. I couldn't even tell if i was sick and so i felt sad or if i was sad and so i felt sick, but I went from Friday to Tuesday eating basically nothing (which happens to me never, I am almost never pukey no food sick) because I didn't want anything, not even soup or ginger ale. I would eat three bites and then feel sick, so by day three i was starving but still wanted nothing. Nothing I did was any good either, not sleeping or reading or the internet or crocheting, everything made me feel bad. It was the worst I've felt in ages and ages bc I couldn't do anything about it and it went way longer than I usually ever feel sad like that (~2 days). When it finally did start to go away it was such a gigantic relief. I guess it might have been PMS sadness for this month + other stuff with amazingly bad timing, although that would be really early. I hope so, bc I'm in no hurry to do that again any time soon.

I am halfway through my school year! This one has been SO FAST, which I am all about since I've spent all of it so far waiting for stuff to happen. I'm thinking hard about shaking up the way I do esp my lower levels, which is scary because it'll be so much work, but maybe it'll feel better than those levels do now. It's so hard to keep it from totally polarizing bc it's too easy for the smart kids and still too hard for the low kids, so nobody's happy. I guess anything's worth a try. And it's still going to be like a month before I hear back about my PhD application ugh hurry uuuuuuup. I have to take my assessment exam online the day the girlfriend is supposed to arrive here for move in pfft. THAT'S FINE since the odds of me sleeping for days in front of that is...probably zero. 3 weeks, baby.

I finished watching Leverage, whole series, and was totally pleased EXCEPT I had been led to believe that the canon threesome pairing at the end was gonna be way more explicit than it was. I guess regular people find that sort of thing way more shocking or something, bc when it aired there was a lot more internet excitement than I think some hand-holding rates. I like hand-holding as much as anybody, I do, but...I didn't get any kissing or anything. Saddddddddd. But nothing made me infuriated and it had awesome ladies who were never the bad crazy and AGE OF THE GEEK BABY and so I recommend Leverage to you wholeheartedly if you like shows about capers and thieves. And threesomes. Sort of. a little.

I need something new to watch now though. Also to pick something new for Drama Night, assuming we will ever again meet regularly.

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