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short-hand characterization

isiscolo is having a little discussion about short-hand charaterization over on her journal, and the example du jour is my "Being Checked Twice", the Remus/Sirius/Harry i put up during the sexplosion.

I don't mind being the example, because she's absolutely right, the entire dynamic of the pairing is only touched on by the fact that Remus is making a grocery list while Sirius and Harry shag upstairs. in my head, that's a comment about Sirius' emotional age versus his physical age because of time lost to Azkaban, but there is nothing explicitly intext about it. if you aren't into the pairing, i'm sure it seems like a throwaway line, an excuse to have Remus go find the other two.

If you change the names around, sure, you can have it be a lot of people who you can see making a grocery list, and yes, the dynamic will change. Like i said, i don't mind being the example, and she is right, but i'm a little squirmy about the fact that she's right. it means i have to think about this stuff harder when i do this Pixies challenge.

*sigh* oh well, back to editing mwppfqf. Almost done! and i even managed to get some smut in around the plot!
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