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Title: Bad Timing [Kento/Fuma]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: It's not the best Valentine's Day that Kento has ever had, but at least he gets to spend it with Fuma.
AN: Tomochoco for Cortney. Prompt 23. Couple’s first Valentine’s Day with a baby in tow (m-preg/magic/adoption/whatever :D). Sorry, whoever's prompt that was, because I definitely did it all wrong.

Bad Timing

"This really is like having kids," Fuma says. Kento can tell that he means it to be kind of a joke, but it falls flat between them. He has to agree, it's not the best Valentine's Day he's ever spent, trapped in a hotel room with their new bandmates.

At least Fuma has his bed to himself. Marius is sharing Kento's bed, sleeping fitfully, cheeks still flushed with fever despite the cold medicine they gave him to knock him out. Kento isn't sure they'll be able to wake him up in a couple hours because they gave him the adult dose either one of them usually takes without thinking about the fact that Marius is eleven and weighs maybe 35 kg.

"You'd think adopting them this late would mean we at least missed the puking and crying all night stages," Kento replies, making Fuma chuckle darkly. Both of them listen for a second, but they can't hear anything through the wall.

"Looks like they finally quieted down," Fuma says, shaking his head. Sou and Shori had been fighting earlier, and Kento's pretty sure that Shori made Sou cry. Again. It's not surprising, given how over-exhausted they are, not just from today but from weeks of nerves and school and promotions. Honestly Kento feels like crying himself half the time. Sou and Shori will have made up in the morning, Kento's sure, with the flexibility of elementary school students. Kento just hopes they manage to get a few hours sleep.

If only he could be so lucky. Kento looks at Fuma across the gap between their beds and Fuma looks just as frustrated as Kento feels. They're too exhausted to go on and too wrung out to sleep. Even Marius is still shifting restlessly every now and then, and he's drugged to within an inch of his life.

"Come here?" Kento asks. Fuma gets up and comes over without even protesting about Marius's germs, and that's how Kento knows he's hardly feeling like himself either. He flips off the light on the way over to the bed, so that they're squinting at each other in the tiny bit of light that comes from the half-open bathroom door. Kento holds up the blankets and Fuma slides under them, sighing softly at how they're already warm.

It's a little better though when the two of them are warm against each other's sides. Fuma's presence is familiar and comforting, the sound of his breathing and the smell of his girly shampoo all things Kento has known for a long time. Kento still doesn't think he can sleep, but his limbs relax and his heartbeat slows.

"I'm glad you're here with me," he tells Fuma, and he doesn't mean just in this bed at this moment. It seems random in the silence of the room, but Fuma presses a little closer, and Kento knows he understands.

Right now everything feels hard, school and work and their bandmates and everything else, but just knowing he isn't alone makes it more bearable.

"Can we talk about it yet?" Fuma asks quietly, and the words take long enough to sink in that Kento realizes he must have been dozing. "I know now is probably no good…but…"


"I can't stand it," Fuma says fiercely, his sudden vehemence surprising Kento. "I can't stand waiting and waiting when you're right here all the time. Just say no and get it over with, can't you?"

"What?" Kento asks, the small measure of relaxation from before slipping away.

"I feel like I'm going to go out of my mind half the time," Fuma says. "If you felt what I felt, there's no way you could keep quiet this long. So the answer's no, right? You can't accept my feelings, so just say so already."

Kento draws in a deep breath and lets it out slowly. Fuma's infamous bad timing is a regular joke between them, but nothing can ever beat the way he'd suddenly confessed to Kento as they were heading home after work, then told Kento to give his answer the next morning, escaping onto his train before Kento could do anything but stare.

The next morning was the morning they found out they were debuting. In the flurry of meetings and introductions, Kento had asked Fuma to wait for his answer, to see what happened first, to let things settle. Fuma had agreed, for all their sakes. But somehow weeks and weeks had slipped by already, before Kento realized.

Fuma had been waiting for his answer all that time, and Kento felt small and awful from guilt.

"I'm sorry…for making you wait," Kento rushes to add when Fuma's whole face scrunches up. "The truth is I still haven't thought about my feelings properly. We've been so busy, and the other three are such a handful…but that's all just excuses. I'm sorry that I took so long, so that you had to confess twice."

Fuma doesn't interrupt him, but his face is breaking Kento's heart. He looks so hopeless and resigned, so sad. Kento can't stand to see him that way, his own heart aching. He almost smiles when he realizes that maybe he has his answer after all.

"You're my partner, after all, aren't you? I don't ever want to be without you, so let's try." Kento reaches over to cover one of Fuma's hands with his own when Fuma just keeps staring at him. "So quit making that face, it's breaking my heart. I accept, already, I accept."

He is not expecting Fuma to burst into tears. It's only the way Fuma clings to his hand, squeezing until Kento can barely feel his fingers, that keeps Kento from thinking that it's actually him being rejected.

"S-sorry," Fuma manages after a minute. "I was just s-sure…" He trails off, and Kento isn't surprised when Fuma rolls over to hug him tightly, tears soaking into Kento's shirt. It was just the last straw, Kento guesses, all of it too much for Fuma just like for Marius, Shori, and Sou.

"Shh, it's fine," Kento says, rubbing Fuma's shaking shoulders. He isn't even surprised when Marius stirs beside him.

"Wha'happning?" Marius slurs, eyes fever-bright and confused. They turn alarmed when he notices Fuma crying. "S'wrong?"

"We're okay, it's nothing," Kento assures him, peeling one hand away from Fuma to pat Marius's head. "Go back to sleep, okay? It'll be morning soon."

The piteous whine Marius gives makes Kento chuckle tiredly, because that's exactly how he feels. Marius rolls over and seems to fall right back asleep, still probably drugged to gills, bless him.

"We should sleep too," Kento tells Fuma. Fuma grumbles against his shirt. "You're going to look like complete crap in the morning and then I'll get fired for doing weird things to you all night."

Fuma lifts his head to ask plaintively, "Can't we at least do the weird things then?"

"With the group baby in the bed? Pervert," Kento says fondly. Fuma sticks his tongue out. "Just kiss me for now."

"You kiss me, jackass," Fuma retorts. "I'm the one who confessed twice!"

Kento can't argue with that. It's not the best kiss, unpracticed and awkward and Fuma's nose is still too congested to breathe out of, but if it's the two of them, they'll work it out. Kento thinks he might even laugh about this tomorrow, or someday, Fuma's terrible timing and the worst first kiss ever and the whole thing.

In the morning, Fuma does indeed look like crap, rings under his eyes and hair sticking out all over, but the way his eyes light up when he sees that it's Kento shaking his shoulder makes him look beautiful to Kento.

"Did you sleep at all?" Fuma asks, reaching up to pat the wreck of Kento's hair. Kento shakes his head sheepishly; it had been impossible between Fuma's congested snoring and Marius's kicking. Fuma fists a hand in Kento's T-shirt and pulls him down for a good morning kiss, muttering, "Geez, you," against Kento's mouth.

"Wha'happning?" Marius says, interrupting, and when they turn their heads, he's blinking at them blearily, face mildly alarmed. "Are you two…?"

"Um," Kento says, just as Fuma says, "Well…"

"Did you do it next to me?!" Marius demands, making both of them splutter denials. Just then Sou and Shori burst through the adjoining door, wanting to know what all the fuss is about, and Marius points at Kento and Fuma and wails that they did weird stuff in bed with him, making Sou's eyes pop wide with alarm and Shori's face scrunch up in pain at their idiocy.

Fuma laughs so hard he falls out of the bed, and Kento just flops back down and yanks the covers back over his head. He is not getting paid enough to deal with all of these morons. He refuses to come out until Fuma has shooed the kids back to the other room, telling them to hurry up and shower and take Marius's temperature again to make sure he isn't going to die.

"No talking! It'll mess up the thermometer!" he orders, then slams the door shut and leans agains it. "Phew. This is too much work so early in the morning. I told you three kids was too many!"

"Sorry, dear," Kento plays along, sticking his tongue out when Fuma yanks the blankets off of him.

"Hmph." Fuma looks down at him as if he's going to scold some more, but he's smiling a little. "Next year, you owe me a real Valentine's date. And chocolate, all the chocolate."

"Roger that," Kento agrees, and Fuma crawls back in bed with him so they can be irresponsible parents together until their manager comes to yell at them. Right now he's just hoping they can survive the next year.

If it's with Fuma, though, Kento thinks they might make it after all.

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