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All right, I guess I ought to post something at some point about something.

I've felt more like myself this week, which is improvement. Even aside from all the other stuff that kept turning into disasters, I guess the move-in itself was more of an emotional issue with me than I thought. That sounds stupid, because of course it was huge life change, but what I mean is that since I've never moved in with somebody I was dating before, I didn't really have any grip on what it would feel like. Like I joke about how much of a struggle change or routine disruption is for me, and I have a pretty good adult game face at this point, but it's not...a joke so much. So it took a while to feel like I was in some sort of new routine, and it's not like it's all settled or whatever, but I stopped feeling like I just didn't know how to cope with anything, mostly.

We bought a new bed, both to go a size bigger to queen and to try and get something that would be better for Ri's back. It's sort of memory-foamy on top but a regular mattress underneath, and then since we had to get a new base anyway we got one where we can raise and lower the head and foot of the bed. It took 4-5 days for me to start sleeping on it really, just because it was something new, but I'm pretty happy with it now. We had to buy all new sheets, since all my stuff was double, so we got some cute paisley stuff.

Today we got up early to go to the DMV and get Ri her PA license, and it was busy as hell down there even early. Fortunately getting that settled was less of a fight than we feared, since PA has the craziest rules for everything out of every state. Then we went out for breakfast and did a bunch of shopping and now I am beat.

but yeah, so things are like that.

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