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I seem to be having some sort of problem balancing on the computer time with just sitting around time lately. I chose to also blame Daylight Savings time, because ever since that happened I haven't been able to sleep basically at all. again. You'd think after the first night I'd be tired enough that the second night wouldn't be a problem. But no!

We finished Tumbling at drama night, and I really liked it. Also i needed Yuta and Wataru to make out kind of a lot. And maybe Kiyama and tiny kouhai because awwwwwwww. So i need to pick a new drama and preferably have no punching in it. I tried to have no punching in this one, I literally picked the gayest thing possible about men's rhythmic gymnastics for chrissake, and still too much punching. I was thinking about Ando Lloyd since I liked that, but I don't think I can do it hard on the heels of this one. Need something more mom-appropriate in the middle.

Ri and I are like halfway through the second season of Veronica Mars, despite the fact that I fall asleep in the middle of every third episode (note the irony about how when I try to go to bed, nothing happens). It's a good time, although so far season 2 isn't quite as fun as season 1, but I'm getting along with it okay. Needs more Wallis though. And more Weevil and Logan picking on each other.

School is kicking my ass. We're trying some new sub thing and it is not working at all. I have covered a class nearly every day for like two weeks now. Since I already teach an extra class, that means that I have 30 whole minutes to myself for lunch/whatever for the entire school day any time that happens. I get paid to cover and all, but like psychologically/emotionally it's incredibly stressful. Plus that means I go 4 classes in the morning and another 4 in the afternoon without being able to even pee. If i thought it would let up soon it would be one thing, but even during tamer years the coverages are out of control in the spring, so I can't say I feel hopeful about it.

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