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Today is my one-year anniversari with the girlfriend (or it was at 3:30am anyway). I've been trying to figure out what to say in this post for like a week now that isn't flip but isn't all the feels either. What I basically said in her card was that going from long-distance to moving in together is hard, but even when it really sucks I'm glad she's here. More upheaval stuff is happening/will happen soon, like her starting grad school and me starting in summer and us finding a bigger apartment soon, and all of it for me is half "I think things will be better when" and half "oh my god stop no more things" so I feel badly that whenever I try to talk about it with anybody, even her, I sound kind of downcast. But it's not a thing I want to quit doing?

this is why I won't ever write greeting cards. "Happy anniversary, I'm not ready to break up with you yet." I really do feel like this is going well some of the time, honestly, and that it's going okay some of the other times. It's a process. I know that she's trying hard to do things that will make me feel better, and I'm trying hard to make her feel better too, and that's what makes the whole things go, I guess.

In sterotypical lesbian style, we went and got pierced yesterday, which was the present I asked for. Ironically when she searched for a place which was near the new Ihop, she turned up an all-female run tattoo/body piercing place, so we went there and it seemed pretty nice to me. The point of the present was that Ri picked some piercing she liked on me, so she picked a conch, which neither one of us had. It's not bothering me too much yet, although it's on the side I usually sleep on and this morning pretty much no part of my body was all about that, so it might be a long 6 weeks even though we tried switching sides of the bed.

In other news we're in season 3 of Veronica Mars and I'm still enjoying it about as much as season 2, although I do feel like Logan is less well-deserved bad karma and more just dump some shit on that guy, and I'm a little fed up with the way Veronica goes right to people like Weevil who she's known ages by now and still accuses them of shit at the drop of a hat. But you know, ladies on TV, we never get along that well. I like Piz a lot! Meanwhile, drama night started Otomen which I liked an awful lot for the first two episodes we watched. It has a baby Seto Kouji who is the fluffiest kitten ever in it, damn. But the rest of the episodes are torrenting soooo slooooowly. If we weren't taking this week off I would totally not have them downloaded in time.

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