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enjoying my last lazy weekend for a bunch of weekends in a row. Spring why so busy?! It's all really good stuff, like surprise birthday thing next weekend and then weekend after is multi-birthday dinner and family pictures with my family, but spring is such a struggle for me at school that if I have to do a bunch of junk on my off-days, the start of the next school is 17 times harder. Anyway, whatever. Girlfriend is writing one of her midterms and doing laundry and i'm just lying on the couch watching soap operas and eating bonbons thinking about maybe writing of my FQFs quickly. we might have a cat-petting date with chem teacher friend later. I texted her and was like "i swear this is not a lesbian euphemism."

Things have been better, or at least I've been feeling better, for the last couple weeks (aside from school, but that's its own whole thing). Ri and I had a date night on Wednesday where we ate dinner at the table (shocking, i know) and then watched Emperor's New Groove and it was nice. We've been going grocery shopping on Friday nights after she gets home from work and it's nice to have that chore out of the way before the weekend. Plus it forces me to actually plan a couple meals a week, which is a lot more responsible both healthwise and financially. This week I'm putting ham in the crockpot and we also have the last of my tomato sauce that I made last summer out from the freezer. Last week I made pistachio chicken (recipe here except i skipped the breadcrumbs) which was so good holy shit. I only made it in the first place because Ri likes pistachios but in the end I was the person being like "WHEN CAN I MAKE THIS AGAIN."

I saw Captain America 2 last night with a couple girls from school, and it was so good, holy shit. I really, really liked it. What I really enjoyed about it was how it was such a buddy movie between him and Black Widow, and I guess they thought they were maybe setting up romantic tension between them? But I seriously felt that not at all. I felt like what both of them need more than anything is a good friend that they know they can trust, and so I found that incredibly satisfying. Also the fight scenes gave me goosebumps a couple times, and although I like action movies that's not a thing I usually get super into. I think the last time it happened was the first fight sequence of X-men 2. But I love the fluid way they have Cap and his shield work in those sequences, in particular. and Nick Fury. NICK FURY. I love him and the running gag about him + technology = NOTP.

Also i was super excited to get butter on our popcorn because the only person I go to the movies with lately is my dad and he won't let me. come onnnn, dude, you're doing it wrong.
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