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whoops i think forgot to crosspost here last time.

Yay spring! it's been so warm this whole week and this weekend it's supposed to be mid-70s or higher. Some surprise birthday thing is happening this weekend that girlfriend has given me no details about, so we'll be out and about in the nice weather. I'm excited! Although, much like Tsubasa, I have concerns about exactly what I'm supposed to come up when I have to do the reciprocating birthday. But oh well, I like to live in the now. Especially when the now is my birthweek ( ^_^)b

I updated my whole website yesterday for the first time in months, and also turned in one of my FQFs, so I feel like a successful internet presence. Also I made a whole bunch of hats for the multiple person baby shower happening at school this afternoon. I've been working on socks, and I got a bunch of sock yarn for cheap from the yarn website with my birthday coupon, so I'm getting good enough at them that i barely need the pattern anymore.

Much like pot, there was a long struggle towards legalization for my girlfriend, but we finally completed it this afternoon and got the tags for her car. now she's stuck here! so my plan continues apace. we went out to lunch after that, and it was nice to see her before she went to work, for a change. then we petted a chinchilla at the pet store and it was surprisingly social. I always thought of chinchillas as kind of standoffish pets. Also, more relevant to my interests, they had poofy baby guinea pigs.

Is anybody else playing pokemon Trozei, the new one? I LOVE it. it's like match-3 plus collecting pokemon, it's so satisfying. I don't have the time/attention to do all the shit that's in the new pokemon games, which is kind of sad, but there's so much level-grinding and side-tracking. And it's way better than the old Trozei because the attack types play a much bigger role in the gameplay mechanics and you can pick a couple pokemon to help you out.

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