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For those of you interested in what happened during surprise birthday weekend:

Saturday morning we got up and drove down to outside of Gettysburg, where it turned out Ri had gotten us day passes to a ghost/paranormal convention. I was not expecting that! It seemed like it was kind of like a ghost hunter convention more than anything else, but we got some stuff in the dealer's room (mainly snobby organic soap lol) and saw some interesting panels. We did one on hypnosis and one on the history of the ouija board, and then one by a guy who goes in and figures out if they need a priest or not. We could have come back late after dinner and done one of the ghost investigations, but I felt like we got our money's worth.

We drove another half hour and stayed overnight just over the border to Maryland. by coincidence my 2012 Tackey con had come just before we left, so I had brought it along and we watched that. There was a Sheetz close enough to walk to, which Ri claims was a coincidence. We went out for Indian, which was something Ri hadn't done before. I had olive and garlic naan and it was awesome. We also found an Asian grocery store so I had some coffee milk in the morning.

Sunday we drove to the Metro and then went into DC to see the cherry blossoms, and for once they were actually blooming when I was there to see them! We met up with Maya and Neko and had lunch before we walked the whole way around the basin with all the memorials. the weather was beautiful, although I ended up kind of burnt and sore from too much walking, but it was a really nice time. By the time we drove home we were too lazy and hungry to do anything responsible so we went to Red Lobster and had cheddar biscuits and lobster dip and shrimp and then this dessert that was like red velvet cake in a jar. Not a little shooter shot glass, a big fucking jar.

I know Ri put a lot of effort into planning all of that and it was really nice ♥ Now I just need a weekend to recover from my weekend!

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