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listen, all i wanted this afternoon was to take a nap. why is everything so hard all the time? why?

i can't register for grad classes for the summer, or even log into the system, until I get an immunization form faxed to the university. Monday I take the form over to the doctor's. Thursday I call to see where my form is and they're like, we'll get to it. Today, about 10am, they call me to say they can't do the form unless I come in, and it's either come in today at 2:10 or wait like three weeks. so instead of lunch i have to go hunt down the principal and beg to be secretly let out an hour early instead of being forced to take a last-second halfday and needing coverage all afternoon.

At the doctors, it turns out I need two shots, one in each arm, and some bloodwork, which always requires me being poked in two elbows and a hand. One of the shots is the tetanus shot, which I am three years overdue for, and hurts like a son of a bitch.

But that's okay, because i can still go home and nap! All I have to do is drop off my two paystubs at the rental office and then napping!

Rental office lady is like OH IT'S YOU! Hey, want to go look at this apartment right this second before we start to renovate it so it's now or never? so there is no choice and I go and do that. I'm glad it happened to work out because I feel much better about maybe ending up at the other complex now, but ugh i'm so tired and now both of my arms ache so there is no chance of napping at all.

that is what it is like to be me, all the time. I just needed one form filled out! One! Meanwhile at school I had to explain how to play a child's matching card game seventeen times to high school students. IF THEY MATCH PICK IT UP IF NOT YOUR TURN IS OVER. Like I might as well try to explain to the guinea pigs how to clean their own cages. They just stare at me and poop some more. Only the guinea pigs are not nearly as scantily clad as my students, goddamn.

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