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I guess I ought to lead with the big news, which is that I told my leasing office that I would officially take one of the two bedroom apartments they were offering me. The move will be in mid to late July, immediately after I return from grad school florida stuff, but that's okay because cf earlier how I like to jam all the upheaval into as short a time as possible. i will have a porch! I'm super excited about the porch. I already bought chairs for it. Kohl's has only shipped one of the two chairs, which is strange but whatever.

Assuming I actually go to grad school, because as per my phone call today, still no immunization form. That would suit my mother just fine, who has decided that driving myself down there is the thing she's going to worry about constantly from now until then. Normally I try to humor her by either giving in or pretending discussion, but of the many issues I currently have, this is the only one I'm 600% sure about so like a jerk last night at dinner I looked her right in the eye and said "Well, that's just tough cookies, because that's what I'm doing."

It's not like I enjoy hurting my mother's feelings, but sweet jesus, can somebody just give me a break about one single thing, goddamn.

I read The City and the Pillar today because it's been on my shelf forever and it turns out is about a gay guy. I'm not sure i even knew that when I bought it ten years ago. I didn't dislike it or disagree with any of its themes, or even hate any of the characters, but I had a hard time getting emotionally invested in it. I feel like I was kind of too old for it, and sure enough Vidal wrote it when he was pretty young. I did feel like its resolution was realistic, but that didn't make me feel any better. Anyway, post this I've decided I'm probably not going to spend my time on the couple other Vidal books that I own.

I did enjoy Iron Man 3, on the other hand. I liked how it was more serious than the first two and/or Avengers, but seemed to compliment them because of it. I love Pepper, and I love Rhody, and I like action superhero movies more than I like books that feel like reality I guess. But I enjoyed how it felt like a grown-up one of those, where Tony spent a lot of the movie thinking about himself internally but never made any choices that totally infuriated me.

I feel like I could sleep every hour of my 3-day weekend and it still wouldn't be enough. it's like I used up all my end of year anger way too early and on the other side of that is apparently not some other emotion, just crippling exhaustion.

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