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I have a pounding thunderstorm headache since we've had them for two days and will have them for a couple more, so it seems like time to make a post, apparently.

Last night my mom helped me dye the bottom layer of my hair purple so that it kind of sticks out underneath my blond/brown/whatever it usually is and i think it turned out really cool. I used the splat kit and the bleaching part i really liked. I guess mileage will vary, but after 30 min it turned my hair a really pretty honey blonde so it was almost a shame to dye over it. As we were in the bathroom bleaching my mother was like "It smells like the 70s!!" because I guess that's something she and her roommate used to do back then in their apartment.

Sometimes I kind of wish I could go back in time to watch my single 20-something mother and her roommate do hilarious things as if it were a tv show. I bet it would be better than any tv that I watch.

I'm almost done with school for the whole summer. I had a training day today and have another one tomorrow, where they're telling us how to rewrite our lesson plans because we bought some new initiative yet again. This is my 8th year teaching and I'm on my 3rd initiative/curriculum rewrite. Every time we get new trainers they are like "don't try and avoid it until it just goes away! this won't go away we promise!" and it's tough not to just laugh in their faces. You are just a drop it in the bucket, lady (or dude, but it's nearly always ladies). incidentally teachers are the worst audience because we know all your classroom management tactics and they don't work on us.

In other awesome (read: actually quite bad) teaching news, apparently CA overturned all their tenure laws for this morning. turns out that to summarize extremely simplistically, me having a job I can't be fired from for no reason infringes on my students' civil rights. So I'm sure a bunch more states will redo that case in the immediate future, and all I can do is cross my fingers that mine isn't one of them. I mean, if you want to make tenure a longer process, I get it, I do agree that 3 years (in my state) is a little short, but tenure is the only thing stopping my district from getting rid of the very expensive teachers who are about to retire and replacing them with much younger, cheaper teachers. Also I have a lot of questions about how exactly you are quantifying 'bad' teachers.

Let me give you an example: in my district there are two high schools. I work in the low socioeconomic high school, and the other one is the richer whiter schools (sorry, it is). PA graded our schools, and my school got a D while the other school got a B. You know why? Here's just a few reasons. 1. Things like 'how many students take the SATs' count, and our students won't/can't spend the money on SATs, AP tests, etc. 2. we have all the ESL/ELL students and the Special Ed students, which affects our graduation rates and all our scores on state testing (because even if you speak no English, you still take those, by the way). 3. We have all the transient students from downtown, who tend to appear and disappear suddenly, but they still mess up our graduation numbers, etc.

the upshot is this: I can work my ass off all year, but my evaluation at the end of the year will get averaged with our school's D and come out as a C or maybe a low B. I could literally do magic in my room every day, and mathematically there is no way for me to receive a 'distinguished' rating on my state eval, simply because of the school I'm in. Bet me money, bet me a million dollars, that in a couple years, some guy will come on the news and talk about how 'nearly all' teachers are not 'distinguished' in their profession, and then we'll all be privatized, because the average person has no idea what that means but it sure sounds bad.

sorry. you probably didn't care about all that. I'm sure it's tough at your job too. Anyway, only one more day and then summer...yay packing up my whole life right before I spend two weeks in florida for my first grad class and still no idea whether the ex-girlfriend is moving with me or not. but i booked all my florida hotels, so *I* know where I'll be sleeping at least.

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