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skip=a hundred million

I'm back, alive, and apartmented. and with just enough money currently to make the deposit and the next truck payment. if they didn't, you know, want me to keep giving them money for the truck for the next FOUR YEARS i might just make it. *clings to the sonoma*

no, i didn't read all your stuff. I stopped at skip=125 cause the dial-up was giving me fits. Tell me if you did something interesting. I mean really interesting, not "i inhaled a bug through my nose while mowning the lawn" interesting. Which my brother did this morning.

the director's commentary meme is back, which i like a lot. Here's my poll for it. I listed fics of decent length that I thought I might have a few interesting things to say. If you aren't familiar with something, all of these should be in my memories, under the "fic" filter.

[EDIT]poll got all fucked up, so it's in the next entry.
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