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Itsuka todoku kana? Itsuka kitto itsuka

Happy 3 year debut anniversary, Kisumai! I put the Vol 3 concert on while I redid my nails and sobbed during debut announcement as usual. Maybe that'll never wear off. I love right now's Kisumai an awful lot, but I still miss shy Tama and all the hair Taipi and babyface Senga and too cool for this crap Nika and please just play the guitar Watta. Miyata's basically the same lmao.

I hope somebody texts Yasui every year to tell him thank you.

Ended up going to Hersheypark all day yesterday at the last minute, woo season pass. The lines were pretty short for August, so we rode like all the things, including Great Bear twice, which is my favorite. Sidewinder and Lightning Racer are also favorites though. Consequently today I have the Hersheypark Hangover, which is like I lie around migrainily all day. I don't have anything pressing to do, so who cares. I've just come to accept that will happen every time.

I do have a bunch of junk i should be working on but am not, like the two wedding blankets and two baby blankets that are kind of imminent. stupid people. so instead i did my nails ensuring that i can do neither. Also i printed out the pages so i can cut out the stencils so i can stencil my bedspread so i can get rid of the stupid paisley one...actually that's kind of a long story, apparently. the internet recommended oil paint crayons, so i ordered some of them.

THIS IS MY LAST WEEK OF SUMMER NOOOO I AM NOT READY. ugh school. honestly though if this summer could just end that would be great because it has been the suckiest summer of my entire life. not that anything more appealing exists on the other side, but either way. just be over already.

Saw Guardians of the Galaxy and it was AMAZING. i loved it. I knew that it was a thing in the Marvel universe but basically nothing else about it, and I enjoyed every second of it, so go and see it or popcorn time it or do what you have to do. GROOOOOOOT. now all my school friends call my plant watering app my Groot because it dances. I also saw Lucy which was...not as good haha. It wasn't horrendous or anything, but it tried to be a brainy action movie and did neither thing really. Still, Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson, so not a complete waste of my two hours.

In other news Rory made me start fic about Shintarou's secret kid instead of finishing the FREE(!!!!) fic I should be finishing. whoops.

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