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Summer left and no one said a word

Enjoying my long weekend, or at least enjoying the fact that I don't have to get up for school tomorrow. I spent 2-3 hours at the Panera writing lesson plans with math teacher friend because we went to a new mandatory format this year and both of us were like oh my god we have to do this every single week all year. I don't mind teaching all my different preps or grading for them, but all the papertrail for four different levels is kind of brutal. I guess I got spoiled reusing the same lessons for the last couple years.

I ran all the errands in the universe yesterday and then cleaned pigs/chinchilla today, so I am excited to do nothing tomorrow. Except go out to the dunkin donuts because TOMORROW PUMPKIN DONUTS ARE BAAAACK. they are my faaaavorite. it's seriously gross outside though, so humid ugh, and that sucks because I've had the air on solidly for like two days. electric bill failure.

On Friday math teacher friend and I are doing a Paint Nite event and I'm kind of psyched about it. I've never tried to paint something on canvas in my whole life! The website is if anybody's interested, and LivingSocial has it as one of their deals this weekend. It's not local just to my area, it seems like they have batches of them in lots of places. Anyway, with LS's labor day save 20% code it came down to $20 a person, which is so cheap i'm thinking about picking up another pair to save in case there's another painting i really like in the future (each class does a particular painting).

Shinchilla has been really mellow the last 3-4 days? It's nice. I've been spending my hour trapped in my room putting all my clipped magazines into binders with those plastic sleeves. I feel silly doing it, but it does look nice and it's probably a lot safer for them than being in a heap. But man I bought a lot of magazines in 2010, what's that even about.

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