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The Wii refuses to use the network with Wii in the title

I guess I'll post something while I'm waiting for my nails to dry quick. I'm watching The Blacklist on Netflix, simultaneously, and it's good so far.

I have been sicker than hell all week long and it's the worst. I haven't been this sick since like the first year I taught. Wednesday I lost my voice completely, but struggled through school Thursday and Friday morning. I had to text my mother to call the doctor's since I couldn't talk on the phone, and they said I had a really serious sinus infection. All I can tell you is that my throat hurt so bad for this entire week, doing anything (like standing) made me break into a cold sweat, and now i have a racking cough that borders on alarming. Today I finally started feeling a little better, but I still sound like an idiot.

Despite that, I did a Paint Nite event with a school friend this week. If you don't know what that is, this company rents out a room in a local bar and you get to drink while they teach you to paint a particular picture. It was a lot of fun! Here's how my firefly painting came out:

Also they made drinks called fireflies which had pineapple, coconut rum, sprite, and a blinking ice cube. Really good!!

Next weekend is my upstate NY snobby barn wedding and my dumb cousin's blanket isn't even half done. I still might make it, I'm fast enough, if I do it every night regularly, but who knows. I have another wedding the next week where clearly I will not be done making anything, but that one is local, so she might get an IOU. she's also pregnant, so baby blanket as well. Friend timing failure, seriously.

I don't know a thing about the Korean girlband that lost their members and manager, but that's really sad. I can't imagine what we'd do if that kind of thing happened in JE. It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

We had more internet drama, and after trying some more stuff with the router, which was definitely the source of the problem, i gave up and bought another brand entirely. That would have been fine if they would have taken the netgear back, but no. Anyway, this one seems a lot better so far (It's a Belkin n600), both because it's just different and also because I went up a level in terms of power, figuring with two of us that was also causing some of the problem. There's one network that's supposed to be dedicated to gaming/media, but of course the wii refuses to use it! So now I have the laptop on that one.

So anyone want a Netgear N300 router, barely used? It's a WNR2000v4 if you want to look it up. I looked around on Ebay and Amazon quick and it really doesn't seem worth it to list it there. But if any of you guys have an aging router and want to upgrade, I will totally mail it if you front me the shipping.

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