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i wish i were an onsen capybara

idk why any of you guys even follow my journal because it's nothing but me saying how unrelentingly everything sucks. I will at least try to reduce the worst of it to a bullet point list:

1. I am STILL sick. it's not nearly as bad as it was, thank god, but I'm still coughing and headachey and exhausted and it won't stop.

2. school is just. we have a new lesson plan format that we have to have 100% conformity to and it's 600% more work than what I was doing before and I'm drowning. It's impossible.

3. Barn wedding last weekend was okay, except for the part in the middle where we had to take my brother to the ER in the middle of the night. why is everything so full of fucking drama.

4. aside from exhaustion, idk what my issue is this week, but everything either makes me super sad or super annoyed. or both. all I want is to limp through Friday so I can lie here uselessly. oh wait except i have another wedding on saturday.

weddings are the fucking worst, okay. I just sit there the entire time thinking about how I'll always be the extra dateless person sitting next to my parents, making the table an awkward odd number. Two back-to-back is like, i don't know what I did to deserve this punishment, but I'm ridiculously sorry, okay, jesus christ.

at least the chinchilla likes me best. for some value of like that's like "will sit on my butt if I'm lying very still on the floor." yup, just me and my devoted chinchilla for the next 15-20 years. Maybe I can train her to come to weddings with me.

Eri drove down to visit me during the wedding fiasco ♥ it was super nice to see her. She brought me back a cute goldfish windchime from Japan! Maybe I'll get to see her this fall/winter sometime if we can work out trains and pickup. I continue to think loosely about Japan over christmas but the honest truth is that with school like this, I will need all of those off-days to try and recover some of my sanity. I'm not sure any kind of trip is possible much less advisable.

Puzzles and Dragons has had a Capybara-san collaboration on for like a week and a half so I keep catching capybara in it XD All I want is the onsen capybara! I will be bummed out if I don't catch one before the collab is over.

Entry also posted at if you'd rather comment there.
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