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I would also love to know where this club that Yunho performs at is

proctored SATs all morning and then came home and took a nap before I blew up the router again with my angst and now it's 5pm uuuuuuuuuugh. SATs are super easy money but I've been so exhausted all week that I knew it was a mistake yesterday already, but it was too late to back out really without causing a lot of problems for the lady who runs them. At least I got a bunch of grading done. I know I sound like I'm being melodramatic but honestly after it was over I sat in my car and cried for like 5 minutes and then came home and just ate cereal rather than getting lunch anyplace real.

speaking of dramatics, the router has been having some since Tuesday. I've been having no problem on the 5 ghz network, but the 2.4 has been dropping the connection every half hour or so, which is the only network the Wii, our phones, and Ri's computer can use. I tried a bunch of crap and spent all last night on the phone with Belkin, and it seems like it's the WMM that's doing it? which I figured out on my own. But the only way to turn that off is to make it g internet only (instead of g/n), which solves the connection issue...except now the wii won't connect to it. Despite the fact that the wii only uses the g and not the n.

remember when I just blew up lightbulbs? what the fuck ever. I ordered a wired lan adapter for the thing yesterday anyway because there's no reason for it to be wireless when it sits right next to the damn thing anyway and it's too stupid/old to use the good media network. DUMB.

So apparently I won a J&A Fandom Award? For best Kisumai author. They made me a cute graphic:

Rest of the awards are here if you are interested. I got 2nd for ABC-Z author too! Which is super sweet but i was like besides me and midori and maybe like eri idek who else writes ebi.

I'm watching Make Your Move and I heard it was kind of middling? But honestly I love it. I guess I'm easy to please. But there are dance battles and BoA being so pretty and talented and poppy/hip hoppy soundtrack and like, really, what's not to like. I want a kisumai version where fujikita run competing dance studios/shows. Or any movie where they dance and sing, like a proper musical. Just like a reeeeeally long PV with some flimsy premise for them to sing and dance. Why can't I have way more of that?

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