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the squirrel would seem unlovable, the phoenix to be common

so on Thursday nights, four of us in my long-distance program set up a video chat and read Latin together, trying to work through some authors that none of us have read but all of us will eventually have to take a reading test about. One of the guys is maybe my favorite program friend I made, and usually after the other two sign off quickly bc they have kids and stuff, Ohio Latin Teacher and I bullshit for another hour or so. Somehow tonight I ended up telling him the short short version of how I came to have a roommate, after which there was a long pause where he digested that.

Then he was like "What the actual fuck. Does crazy shit like that happen to you a lot?"

Somehow hearing somebody else say that out loud made me feel better than basically anything has in weeks. not good or anything, just better. Because the answer to the question is "yes, actually" and when I ask it to myself in my own head I always feel sort the frequency and intensity of the ridiculous things that happen, after a while I can only feel like I must myself be the root cause of it, somehow. So hearing somebody else, who I generally think of as reasonable and smart, voice that is at least kind of comforting.

I guess what I'm saying is that i don't feel that well and also am really good at making friends with geeky, smart, very married guys. I would fit into this club perfectly if I had tricked somebody into longterm dating me back in college, when quite clearly I was supposed to do that and nobody told me.

Speaking of fun life surprises, Shinchilla's fur is finally growing back and she's been really friendly for like weeks. She is trying to crawl onto the keyboard right now, as a matter of fact. I gave her some newspaper to chew up and that's made me her hero for like the last three days. At least part of my hesitation to go away over winter break is made out of not wanting to mess up the chinchilla time routine for a reasonably long stretch. The rest of my hesitation is 10% money, 5% nobody is having a concert then, and like 75% that I might need every day of that break to do nothing but sleep and figure out how I'm going to manage the rest of this school year without everybody realizing that all I want to do is stay in my bed until anything seems worth doing.

anyway I'm supposed to be doing shiritori, or least Duolingo, so I guess I'll quit there. Soon it will be Nano!

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