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accidentally spent 3 hours in the kitchen trying to bake turnips, which then turned into turnip soup (eventually) and also making the babka dough because it has to sit in the fridge overnight before I bake it tomorrow. But chocolate babka! I don't have a stand mixer though so my arms are ridiculously tired.

During my hours there I listened to the INKT album like four and a half times, and also the CD's been in my car about a week. I really, really like it. Whole New World and Survivor are my favorite tracks on the cd itself, and I ripped an mp3 of Zutto which might honestly be the best song really. I hope they stay active and keep putting out music like this. Koki seems happy! But seriously, all the Tanakas need to eat basically all the food in Japan.

So Saturday I looked into flights for Tokyo this winter since my school break is randomly long, but in reality it's only about 6 days after all the flying and probably people will be away anyway, so it's totally not worth it. I just wanted something to look forward to, you know? Anyway, that's not the interesting story part. I mentioned it to parents, saying maybe summer, idk sigh, and my dad was like, well I was thinking about going to look at WWII beaches there anyway.

...wait, what?

I guess his NaNo this year is something about Japan in WWII and he wants to go look at some of the beaches and stuff. So seems like I might be in Japan late July/early August next summer? I'd have to do normal people stuff with my dad, but that's fine. We'll have to plan much earlier than I'd know about concerts and stuff, but summer seems more likely that something will be going on. I think my mom would enjoy Japan much more, and for a couple minutes I tried to get her to consider coming too, but she is so resistant to stuff lately, like it's just a list of reasons why it can't work before we have any details at all so honestly I just dropped it. If it's just me and dad, then that's what it is.

so I guess I ought to figure out if there's anything worth doing around here during my vacation. maybe I'll go to nyc a couple days, idk.

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