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you're so fucking special, I wish I was special

I mean I guess sooner or later I should post something. just like i should sooner or later do the dishes or paint my nails or take the stack of boxes outside. Honestly the unpainted nails are the biggest indicator of my mental state.

I kept thinking I would make some big post once Ri was gone since I never posted anything public for various reasons but anybody who didn't care to find out my side of whatever unfriended me already. But I guess if I had to pick one thing to say, it would be I do, in fact, know that asexuality is a real thing. I never thought that it wasn't, and I certainly never told Ri I thought it wasn't. If you feel deep in your soul that that is what you are, then by all means, be the biggest loudest ace in the whole world if that is what makes you happy.

maybe it's not the best idea to tell your girlfriend that you are asexual 3 weeks before you move in with her, when you have already quit your job and there is nothing she can do but say "show up and we'll try." Your girlfriend that you slept with a bunch of times, wrote porn with all year, and to whom you sent a bunch of sexy baby-making R&B.

also I have some pretty strong feelings about her coming out here and purposefully turning herself into a totally different person, including changing her name, cutting off all her hair, and starting to drink quite a lot. Maybe quitting jobs and moving across the country and changing sexual orientation was part of that too, I don't know. I don't understand anything that happens anymore.

so maybe I had like 3 things to say. whatever. Ri moved out saturday. she left the coffee maker, the couch, and the chinchilla. who coincidentally is stuck inside the couch at the moment. I gave Shinchilla Ri's room since apparently she'll be my roommate for 14+ more years.

I drove down to DC last night after school to visit 3bro, and we drove to a Korean place called Honey Pig which was really, really amazing. I nearly mugged one of the cute Korean waiters for his adorable Honey Pig hoodie. It also happens to sit right next to a for real karaoke place, so we stayed there for three hours and had soju and I sang a bunch of Japanese stuff. When 3bro was pretty sojued up we made him sing "Creep" by Radiohead and I laughed so hard I cried. true facts, 3bro's girlfriend has no Italian accent when she sings.

I should have stayed over with them but I knew I was going to feel terrible this morning so I drove back after midnight, which was surpremely ill-advised, not so much because of the minor amount of Melon Ball I had, but because I was so exhausted from staying up late every night this week. I made it, but I was definitely falling asleep a couple times and I know better than that. I just wanted to sleep in my own bed and shower in my own shower, but it was really stupid and you shouldn't do that, kids. I was really lucky.

Tomorrow there'll be a bunch of cleaning .__________. and figuring out how to keep a chinchilla from getting inside the couch.

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