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all hail Tissue Lord

while doing my weekly cleanup of the chinchilla room, I yet again found a stash of tissues hidden by the chinchilla. She has now been dubbed Tissue Lord, because I have been mainlining season 3 and 4 of Korra.

Speaking of Korra, I enjoyed S3 a lot but S4 I'm having trouble bonding with. It's doing that 'we're all split up' thing which I can pretty much never get behind, but especially shows like this that are based entirely on group bonding. One thing I appreciated about the original Avatar series was that it never did that, the group had some people come and go, but the group itself remained intact throughout the series. Also I was disappointed that the return of pro-bending was so brief and lackluster.

I need a sports-type anime about a pro-bending team's unlikely rise to the top. Can I get a spin off? Or just some good fic? It can be about the first team that has a pro airbender (I bet it says in the rules you need 3 different types but not that one of them can't be air). Also also I kind of need Korra and Asami to date a lot. A lot a lot. Mostly so that Mako and Bolin stumble over them and Bolin's like "WHOA that's HOT, bro, don't you think that's....wait...this is awkward for you...isn't it..." I would take Bolin and Korra having a billion crude hooligan children as a consolation prize.

Maybe I should just watch more Haikyuu. I have so much shit to watch ugh. But hey, new Digimon series! Yay!

Christmas happened, but I was in low spirits when it started and two days of my brothers behind assholes together and my nephew being the specialest snowflake in the world didn't improve my outlook. I got a Roku and some books and a hedgehog mug. I need the drive over to my parents to go back to ~10 minutes, because ~15 minutes is long enough for me to start dwelling on how I'll get to drive over to my parents' alone for every holiday forever and when I arrive, there will be my brothers being assholes. 3bro is fine on his own, and usually we hang out more when he's home without italian girlfriend (she's visiting her mom), but I don't have enough energy to try and compete with 2bro for 3bro's attention. it's whatever.

time to give Tissue Lord her dustbath and watch more Star Trek NextGen, her favorite show. Lt Worf continue to be my favorite character. "I AM NOT A MERRY MAN."

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