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congratulations on making it to the new year. here's a picture of my hot date:


the ball dropped during chinchilla time but i pulled up the NYC thing on live streaming so we saw it nonetheless. Shinchilla seemed derisive about the choice of music going on there and I have to say I agree. she got a raisin to celebrate her first new years not living in the pet store (I assume) and I continued my lifetime streak of zero non-rodent new years kisses.

I don't have any resolutions. "stop feeling like this" doesn't seem like something I can either control or that has any steps to it. "don't get fired or flunk out of grad school" is about as close as I come, I guess, but it's basically the same as saying "crawl out of bed most mornings." grad school is online, so it's barely even saying that.

I wrote some more in the fic universe where Shintarou has kids and posted it over on Shiritori; if you are interested in that, here it is. And reveals for JE Hols when up so there's a bunch of fic to read right here. There was a lot of Tottsu fic this year!

Somehow I got sick again, which I assume means I'm going to do this on and off all school year. It's just a cold, although for some reason the inside of my nose is intensely itchy, which is a far more unbearable symptom than you would think, nor is it a symptom that advil cold and sinus fixes. I had the first moment of true affection for the new bed, after months of owning it, because I can raise the head of it and sleep that way comfortably instead of stacking up a bunch of pillows which always sucks.

I finished watching Korra and was caught totally off-guard by the last 5 minutes. I looked over at Sanapig and even he was staring at the TV like ( o.O). I mean, I surely surely ship it, I just didn't think the children's nickelodeon cartoon was gonna ship it right along with me. And hey, thumbs up for the show's two main writers talking about it directly right away, in case there was any ambiguity (which I really did not think there was). Overall I didn't think the series was nearly as strong as the original Avatar, but it did have great characters, especially female ones, and I'm glad I finished watching it. It finished strong.

at least I don't have to go back to school tomorrow. that would be incredibly no good.

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