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Here is a post of posting.

1. I went back to the gym. it suuuucks. I keep seeing people from school there and I've gained 5lbs. that happens every time but it doesn't get any less infuriating. then I went to the grocery store right after because I already hated everything anyway. I bought ALL THE FRUIT. and then my arms were too tired to take it inside.

2. Anime Club started watching Haikyuu earlier in the year and I liked it but am always grading instead of concentrating, so I didn't quite get that it was going to be the anime of my soul until the episode that was all about Asahi coming back and then I was like OH. OH WAIT. so I rewatched the first couple and then a bunch more and uuuuugh it's so good. But I really want some fandom action out of it like (I know this sounds crazy) OTHER PEOPLE TO TALK TO. It's bad enough I've been feeling ridiculously lonely in RL, but feeling cut off from even fannish internet people just feels emotionally like kind of the last straw. Nobody seems to be in the place where I am and there's nothing I can do about it. it's like fandom broke up with me.

3. back to Haikyuu: IT'S SO GOOD. It's a lot like Oofuri in terms of the main character just working on his own for ages and being so excited to have a real team, but with none of the embarrassment of watching Mihashi struggle. I love Kageyama's crank and how truly he wants a team who needs him maybe even more than Hinata, and I LOVE LOVE the Suga/Asahi/Noya trio. I think Suga is my favorite character, actually, but yeah I just want a lot of Ichinen flashbacks and to write the fic where Asahi finally gets up the guts to confess to Suga and then Noya crashes in there and suddenly they have to make an OT3.

Somebody please have some Haikyuu feelings in my comments or I am just going to cry. Again.

4. I want to write some Korra/Asami too, but I don't know about what and since see above about nobody to bullshit with, I doubt it'll happen. Today was korrasamiweddingday on tumblr, though.

5. Shinchilla has discovered belly scratches. She won't solicit them directly but if I get her just right with the edge of my nails she leans waaaaaaay back with her eyes closed. It's the cutest. Maybe I can train her to watch anime with me.

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