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My eye will not stop itchinggggggg. this is the second time that's happened this week and even my allergy medicine takes ages to do anything to it. this is what I get for petting bunnies at the farm show! Which I'm totally not allergic to, by the way. I didn't eat or touch anything weird, the only weird thing I did was buy a magnetic bracelet. Apparently being magnetized is serious business.

Have some shinchilla time, courtesy of the way better camera on the new iphone:

I broke down and got a new iphone because I couldn't update or download basically anything anymore, so I'll be paying my mother some exorbitant amount of money in the near future because AT&T doesn't believe in actual upgrades anymore. But I will say that it shipped in like 24 hours, so fast that its case won't be here for another couple days and I'm afraid to take it anywhere.

I mean, I did name the phone Fumito, so it does make sense that it's naked. I have to say, it's SUPER NICE. but given the cost of it, it damn well had better be. I didn't trade in the iphone 4 because now I can take it to the gym and not worry when I drop it all the time.

I took it easy all weekend, aside from going outlet shopping with my mom on Saturday. The leather outlet was having some insane sale and I got a $300 purple leather jacket for $47. then yesterday and today I didn't even leave the apartment, I just slept in super late and bummed around other than going to the gym once and cleaning the guinea pigs.

I finished Haikyuu!! and ARRGGGH and WAAAAH and ugh it was so good. I came out shipping Suga/Asahi(/Noya) really hard so of course nobody ships that. WHY NOT COME ON. all the fic seems like Daichi/Suga which I get, but man, I just want some cute first year hookup fic. Then I started Sword Art Online because 3bro said he'd kill me if I didn't. the first two eps seemed interesting, and I definitely cracked up when everybody was forced to look like their real selves and a bunch of ladies turned out to be dudes.

Also last night was the episode where Capt Picard and some other people got turned into children, and that kid doing his accent had me on the floor. I think that might be my favorite NextGen episode so far.

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