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Haha oops I haven't posted in like 3 weeks.

Good stuff:
* I finished my taxes today and got an awesome refund because of going back to school. Yay!
* Pigs are cleaned
* grocery shopping is done. There were line switchers in front of me and when they picked my line at the very last second I gave them such a Watta face that the lady got embarrassed and they switched to the next line over. Hahahaha.
* Kisumai DVDs are really, really good. I got LE and have watched all but the making of, and saw the extra encore off the RE so all I still need to find is the Blu-Ray junk. So much stuff! It's great they have so much stuff this time around.
* My online class is kind of laid back this semester, which is nice. It's lack of organization makes me grind my teeth a little, but I can live with that.

in between stuff:
* it doesn't seem to matter how much stuff I do, there is always more stuff
* I still have to shiritori
* also this baby gift that's due this week isn't in any way done
* I had a massage yesterday which is good because it really helped with my back (see below) but bad because it hurrrrrrrt. and today I'm all sore as always from him fixing all the junk that was messed up. Including a spot on my leg that has never bothered me before until he poked it like "hm this hurts I bet" and I was like "YES IT DOES."

Bad stuff:
* I did something TERRIBLE to my back this week. I was just sitting in my chair and suddenly there was shooting pain down my leg, then both sitting and standing were unbearable. It's sort of getting better, but it still sucks.
* one of my friends had a bad breakup Friday so we hung out Friday night and then yesterday some more. I feel terrible for her, but it's kind of a relief to have somebody else be as sad as me in the exact same way as me. I don't really talk about it with anybody at this point because it feels like I say the same unfixable things over and over, but since she wants to talk about it, now there's an excuse.
* I feel a tiny bit guilty about feeling like that, but it's outweighted by how relieved I am that she won't be the nth friend to get married soon and start having kids while I continue to sit on the floor with the chinchilla every night.

Other stuff:
* I made chicken tacos with tomatillos and yellow peppers and instead of taco shell I just crush fritos because yesssss.

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